Mystic Finds Her Old Sucky (by: moombat)


Awww, looks like mare Mystic found her old pacifier from when she was a foal, somehow and her nanny sees this when she comes into check on the little fuzzy rugrats. The little munchkins played so much that they tuckered themselves out and gathered on a big pillow pet bed to nap on in a fluffpile and woke up shortly before the nanny came in to groom them. Hopefully Mystic will be okay once Mam-Mam has to take away the paci since extended use of a fluffy pacifier can cause severe dental issues and chapped lips/sores for adult fluffies.

I’m still planning on drawing Mystic’s TV meltdown, but im not sure how im gonna draw it yet ans thats why it’s taking so long. Drawing pony gore is harder than it looks!


Mystic is a lot bigger than Vanilla.


Yeah i tried making Vanilla bigger but she kept going off the picture edges and i really like how i drew her so i kept her in as a weird smaller looking mare. I may change it.


I would love to sleep in a fluffpile. Fluffies are so huggably soft, it must be the single comfiest place in the world! :blush:


Nah. Kitten-piles are better.


Now I want to know its effectiveness in calming fluffies
If it works on smarties, that would be top notch trick