Neighborhood Fluffs #12 by Chikahiro

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Its been two weeks since Hulk and Bubblegum went to Oahu. Coco is sitting on your lap with Sonic right beside you on the loveseat. They’ve been nice room-mates of sorts, staying outside during the day then coming in at night. Its a little strange that even after a month they’ve never gone on about finding a new mama or new daddy.

Does losing their first family make it hard to move on to a new one?

“Okay you two, I’m going to bed.”

“Coco stay hewe,” the brown earthy mare says. The living room has the largest windows, and there have been times in the night you’ve watched her staring out into the night.

“Sonic make good poopies fiwst,” yawns the blue pegasus. He’s been your sleeping buddy since they’ve been staying inside at night. Its not that Coco won’t sleep with you so much as Sonic always wants to be in your bed.

After brushing your teeth, using the bathroom, and changing into your normal shorts and tshirt for bed a loud yawn comes out of your mouth. Its Friday. Its the weekend. Its time for some rest. Sonic climbs up the doggie-steps alongside the double-bed and you join him.

Neither of you are awake when Coco arrives, making a fluff-pile with Sonic right next to you.

The morning air is nice and cool. The sun is barely up itself, and normally you wouldn’t be up this early if you could help it. But today is different. Today is a treat.

The fluffs are still sleeping as you begin packing a cloth cooler bag. Bottled water, some fruit, a few snack bars. Two bright plastic bowls that nest inside each other. Two retractable dog leashes and two pet harnesses. They look like little jackets with “Sonic” printed on one and “Coco” printed on the other. The reflective safety orange is kind of obnoxious, but at least its easy to see.

As you’re getting other things ready the two fluffs come walking into the kitchen.

“Good bwite time,” they say in near unison.

“Are you hungry? Would you like breakfast?”

“Yesh pwease.”

You watch the two fluffs eating their oatmeal and kibble mix at a contented pace.

“So, its Saturday! Its the weekend,” you say, crouching down with the harnesses. “I think maybe today we could go to the beach.”

“BEACH!” Sonic exclaims. “SANDY-PWACE!”

You’ve never seen a fluff run in circles quite like the pegasus is doing now, but there’s always a first time. Knowing he needs to work off the excitement, you stroke Coco on the head. “I’ll need you to wear this so people know you have someone looking after you.”

She allows you to put it onto her, smiling when you point out her name is on it. Its a good fit once the straps are snugly in place. The bright orange catches Sonic’s eye and he stops whirling around long enough to see his harness.

“And here is yours.”

He squeals in delight, dancing about.

“Sonic hab pwetteh t’ingie! Pwetteh cowows! Wook su pwettew an’ coow!”

Needless to say, getting the pegasus into it is a bit harder.

Kamaole Beach Park is nice as always. Its nearly 11am though, and Kihei can get really hot as the day wears on. The fluffs have run and played in the sand as if it were their last day on Earth but now have run out of steam. As you’re packing in, a little girl squeals, running up to you and the fluffs. Coco shies away, hiding behind you while Sonic assumes a “wan play” position with her.

“Daddy! Mommy! Fluffies!” the little blond says, petting Sonic on the head. His tail wags back and forth happily.

“Now now, Rachael, did you ask permission first?” a woman says, coming alongside the youngster while putting on sunscreen.

“Sorry mommy,” she replies, a little deflated. Her face brightens back up almost as quickly, “May I pet your fluffies?”

You laugh. “Well, I think Sonic is fine with that. Coco would rather not, I think.”

A tall man, balding and pudgily middle-aged arrives, laden down with shopping bags and beach chairs. He looks at the little girl delighting herself with the blue pegasus, his wings now fluttering on his sides.

“Hey, do you live here?”


“Is there a pet store around here?”

Your face scrunches, confused. “There’s a couple. What are you needing?”

“Well,” he said, eyes still on his child. “I’m just seeing how little Rachael here is loving your fluff, and think I should probably get her one.”

“Ah. I think the one by Target has fluffies.”

The woman looks at him, face displeased. “Kyle, the condo we’re renting doesn’t allow pets.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he sighs. “Its only til Tuesday. We can just return it to the store or something on the way back to the airport.”

“Heheehee! Daddy! Fluffies!” Rachael squeals as she and Sonic fall over in a hug.

Sonic hums to himself in the pet carrier with a wide smile going from ear to ear. Coco is in the back, quietly eating the remainder of your musubi from 7-11.

“Sonic, can I ask you a question?”


“How long were you with your old mommy and daddy?”

“Ooooh,” he says, thinking. Sonic pats his hoof against the carrier floor, trying to count. “Many bwite times.”

“Not many forevers?”

“Nu. Many bwite times. Sonic no see momma an’ daddeh an’ widdle daddeh in many fowevews,” he said, his voice still thoughtful. “Was onwy wittle cowt back den.”

Dr. Chung said he wasn’t that old, maybe six months at most. Most fluffies sold were weaned, so they were at least a month old.

“Do you miss them?”

“Sonic miss mommy and daddeh, but weawwy miss widdwe daddeh da most.”

As you pull into your house’s carport and park, you look inside the carrier.

“Aren’t you sad?”

“Deh times when Sonic hab saddies, but stiww hab Coco. Coco hewp Sonic when had most saddies and make saddie wawa aww dah time. Coco hewp Saffwon an’ Huwk an’ Bubbwegum tu.”

You look at the fluff, the peek behind him. Coco is asleep.

“Coco foun’ nice housie and nummies an’ den foun’ yu!” he said, voice raising towards the end. “No hab mommy ow daddeh, but dis gud fow now.”

You bring the carrier into the house, opening it so the fluffs can get out at their leisure. Its past noon and its hot, so the windows get opened while the fan goes on full blast. As you lay down on the loveseat, Sonic jumps up and cuddles up next to you.

Yeah, this is good for now.

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Part 13 —>


Tourists had this bad habit of going to Costco, buying EVERYTHING they need, then trying to return stuff for a refund before going home. Swimsuits. Underwear. Surfboards. Food (“we didn’t like it.”). All sorts of crap.

Used to piss folks off a lot. Basically they were abusing Costco’s generous return policies.

So, yeah, I could totally see the entitled jerks buying then returning a fluffy for a short trip. Or just abandoning it before returning their rental car.


Damn. I always heard they hate howlies(sp?) so why try to make it worse… Some people just suck I guess.



Same Costco: they had to block the front of the parking lot drive in front of the entrance because the tourists would drive really fast and nearly got people because they were in such a rush to get to the airport or hotel.

My brother saw one of the near misses and proceeded to chew the driver out about it. My brother used to be an Air Force sargeant.

“Idiots like you are why people don’t like haoles! You nearly ran over that old lady! What’s the rush!”

Wasn’t there for that but his wife said he really let them have it. She worked there and had tourists come up to her and tell her things like “you don’t belong here” and “you’re stealing an American’s job” (she’s Hispanic from LA, US citizen, etc). Yeah, some of these idiots are best off never leaving their home states.


I’ve never been, mostly because of hearing shit like that. I was raised in Florida so I do know about stupid tourists. My mom couch surfed and beach bummed around the big island for about a year in the 60’s, she said it was beautiful.


:sparkles::heart_eyes::sparkles: ohhh coco you… *Snuggle they are so well behaved and the fun they have at the beach.


I wonder if fluffies would perceive the beach as the biggest litterbox ever.


Oh they might , cats and dogs do that too :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately there are far too many instances here with people getting a “summer cat”. In other words, they go somewhere over the summer and get a kitten. Then when they go home they leave the cat behind… It’s incredibly infuriating and disgusting so unfortunately it wouldn’t surprise me this would be the case with fluffies as well. :rage:


Oh, sounds like they might be finding a new foal soon… at least if the store doesn’t have a ‘residents only’ policy. Hawai’i might be one of the few places that would do that, given the setup so far.


Trick being is you’d get someone local buying the fluff and making some side cash. I’m sure there’d be a couple solutions being debated but at the same time it’s be low priority.

Right now I’ve got it so foals aren’t available since they can’t be spayed/neutered that young. Hence Saffron’s daddy smuggling her in and getting her pregnant. Selling nice colored ones would be a fair bit of money each.

How dark is this story again? You know what stores do with returns? I think sonic got lucky when he was abandoned.

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Returned pets? I don’t know. But I don’t think a lot of people ever think about it either. Especially not Kyle and Karen here.

They won’t think about it. And honestly that is what makes it sad.

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So, I guess this is officially the darkest part of the story then? :stuck_out_tongue: