New Babbeh [not abuse] (Pastry_Knight)

Its a lovely summer day and you are enjoying yourself with your special frend, having more babbehs, your no-no place feels funny and you feel something odd touching it. Suddenly you feel teeth and start awake, you blearily look down as you try to shuffle away from whatever is happening. Hugging themselves to your no-no place was one of your foals, little bluey, and they were trying to feed themselves, you booped them away with a “Nu babbeh! Dat nu fo babbehs!”

“Why daddeh gif babbeh owwies? Babbeh jus’ hungy…wanned miwkie.” Bluely asks after they wiggle themselves about onto sitting on their butt, holding one of the legs up a little scrape on its knee.

“Daddeh nu wan huwt babbeh, wan huggies?”

“Babbeh wan huggies, but tummeh haf owwies…” They reply sadly.

You pick up your babbeh and hug them close and say “Daddeh am sowwe babbeh fo huwties, but daddeh’s no-no pwace am not for babbeh, am for huggies wid mummah tu make babbehs.”

“Otay daddeh, babbeh nu no…”

“Daddeh take babbeh tu Mummah for miwkies.” You say picking them up by the scruff of the neck.

“Yay daddeh upsies an’ miwkies!” Bluey exclaimes excitedly as you carry them the few steps over to mummahs nestie.

“Speciaw fwen, Bwuey nee’ sum miwkies.”

Your special friend shifts around, looking down at the two foals feeding from her teats and pulls away your yellow babbeh. “Yewwow babbeh am fuwl?”

“Yewwow nu haf tummeh owwies nu mowe mummah, fank yu.” They answer before turning to their blue brother and asks “Bwuey bwuddah nee huggies for owwies?”

Bwuey happily clamps onto the free teat and chirps happily as they start to fill themselves while getting huggies from yellow.

Your special friend starts singing happily to your babbehs. But in the distance you hear crying “Huu-huu-huu why mummah nu wuv babbeh, babbeh onwy wan wuv, an miwkies, an huggies… nuu-huu-huu wan owwies, or poopies, nuu-huu-huu am poopie babbeh, am jus widdwe babbeh” You look down the alleyway an see a little brown foal, sobbing as it limps down the path, picking up one of their legs, not putting any weight on it.

You waddle over to the poor foal who recoils in fear and tries to limp away for a few seconds before stumbling and collapsing to the floor crying “Pweese big fwuffeh nu gif babbeh owwies, onwy widdle babbeh.”

“Don’ wowwy babbeh, fwuffeh nu huwt babbeh, why babbeh am cwying?” You ask picking up and hugging the babbeh to yourself, cooing at the poor thing to calm it down. They keep crying for a minute before managing to say.

“Mummah, an bwuddahs an sissies an daddeh am meanies, mummah say babbeh am poopie babbeh an nu get miwkie, bwuddahs an sissies nu pway wid babbeh, an gif poopies and say babbeh nee num da poopie, daddeh say dat poopie babbeh, num da poopie or be nummies, or be enfie babbeh… babbeh had tu wun away, and haf weggie owwies…”

“Don’ wowwy babbeh, daddeh and speciaw fwend haf babbehs an pwenty of miwkies.” You pick up the foal and carry it over to your special friend.

“Speciaw fwend where dat babbeh fwom…” your special friend says as you approach, your foals are a little preoccupied with feeding to pay attention to the new arrival.

“Babbeh haf to wun away fwom meanies and nu haf mummah ow daddeh ow bwuddah ow sissie… dey weawwy meanie and gif babbeh sowwie poopies jus fow being bwown.” You explain.

The brown foal looks scared as your special friend looks down and inspects the foal, she sniffs it and wrinkles her nose “Babbeh nu smeww pwetty.”

At that the foal cries out “Babbeh am sowwe, babbeh weave… nuu wan owwies.” They try to crawl away, but your special friend doesn’t give them the chance and picks them up and starts licking them clean “Nu num babbeh-hee-hee, babbeh nuu-huu-huu nummies.”

“Nu wowwe babbeh, mummah gif babbeh wickie cwean, nu am numming babbeh.” Your special friend explains before continuing to clean them. Within a minute or two the worst of the mess has been removed and she declares “Nyu babbeh am cwean, babbeh wan miwkies…”

“W-weawy… fwuffehs wan be babbehs nyu mummah an daddeh? nu wies? Babbeh suu-huu-huu hungwy, wan miwkies.”

“Don’ be siwwy babbeh mummah haf miwkies fo aww babbehs, she pulls your plump purple foal off the teat, they are so full and content that they are pretty much asleep. They are soon replaced with the thin brown foal who immediately latches on and suckles with all their might.

Your babbehs have finaly noticed the new arrival and they crowd around them chirping and saying animatedly “Nyu fwend?! Afteh nummies nyu fwend wan pway?! Babbeh gif nyu fwen huggies and wuv.”

Your special friend starts singing another mummah song, espousing how “aww babbehs aw bestest babbehs” and how “aww babbehs nee miwkie, an pway an wub.”


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