New From Hasbio: Fashion Fluffs! [The_Agony_Presence]

How is Hasbio THIS fucking stupid


Honestly also a dumb conclusion from the owner’s perspective too

“Sure I’ve got this free little friend with free hooves it can walk on but gasp

Expensive add-on accessories? Into the trash with you, small creature.”


This is very much what a company like Hasbio would do.

Also, cool to see the logo again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not really, apple charges you a ton from the start, all their products have a 100% markup over BOM, highest margins in the industry.

These fluffies on the other hand are clearly razors&blades biz model, they even given them away for free.


Good product for the hobby modder community.

Games Workshop: “You have one kit but three options, you’d better buy three kits plus the premium upgrade kit. That’ll be $200 for your ten $5 army men. We take cash, check, blood, and firstborns.”

Hobbyists: “I have a3d printer and tiny magnets.”

Games Workshop: “No wait, that’s illegal.”



That’s more the business model of Spinmaster anyway.

Hasbro literally wants to sell you the same character in three different price points every two years and convince you there’s incentive to buy it all, Mattel wants to sell you the same product three or more times for the different accessories.

Spinmaster wants to sell you a cheap starter kit and display case/play set with a very, VERY expensive path to a full collection. Though they rely on the blind box model.

Also wargaming.


Because then you gotta buy a separate fluffy to have a unicorn and a Pegasus. Hasbio gotta get that bag. If they offered fluffies with both attachment options people would only need to buy one!


Oh boy! I didn’t see this one yet! gotta love the whole process, from injecting it with serum to chopping off it’s hooves and tail, love how the foal squirms in pain as they do it right off rip without, what it seems… anesthetics! and Love the magnet inserters too, those must be painful as all hell!

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Might be possible to make your own magnets for a cheaper price with some diy materials.

I like the idea of interchanging parts of a fluffy without permanently mutilating it, but god damn those prices! :rofl:

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Me paso algo parecido con mis primeros vaporizadores.

Ok… I don’t usually feel this bad for the little guys…

But could I scoop him up outta the trash? I want to give him a good ending.