New "home" for a fluffy. (by: artist-kun)


“Run, fluffy! You’re free now! Just like God never intended!”


cue Born Free


Another a-hole adding to the feral problem, I see.


Superb work, the baby pleading with the box is a nice touch


Humans: abandon fluffies in the wild
Also humans: wHy ArE tHeRe So MaNy FeReLs hurr durr hoomin smart and superiooooor


This situation is brilliant. I can perfectly imagine the fluffies fear and disbelief, literally trying to hide from the scary event itself, and asking the box that brought them here to take them back home. This grade of stupidity REALLY gives you a feeling of superiority over these cute fluffy idiots! :rofl:


It’s like it expects it to cast it a lvl. 5 portal spell back home or something.

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Lmao nice wonder what will eat them first

You legit think this ex-domestic family will survive in the forest with nothing but a cardboard box?

I guaran-dam-tee you these fluffies are not contributing to the feral population for no more than 3 days max.


Depends. Maybe a feral stallion finds them. Then it get complicated.

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In the middle of nowhere? Only if she gets extremely lucky


Hey, crazier things have happened. Life finds a way.

'Course, that also could mean a starving badger pops up and is saved from death by the kind fluffies. By eating them.


Considering Artist-Kun, I’d say a stallion has a 1/3 chance of being helpful, 1/3 chance adding a burden through sheer stupidity and/or fear, and 1/3 chance of being a hellgremlin who eats the foals and rapes the mare.

Roll of the dice with Artist-Kun


:musical_note:“Fwuffy use tu woll da dicey, feew fwuffy’s no-no stick in meanie fwuffy’s poopie pwace…”:musical_note:

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I love abandonment despair. Love it.

It’d have been extra good if he also said he was speaking with bestest babies and bb said it didn’t want to live with bad mommy anymore. It’d have double crushed her

Yeah, not all of us have ‘everything is miserable and there is no happiness ever” headcanons, and that’s fine! Everyone is allowed to have their own. I just find it amusing that a common headcanon is that abandoning domestics does lead to more ferals while the humans in these headcanons seem baffled as to why there’s so many fluffies everywhere

it’s weird to see a fluffy say “foodies” instead of “nummies”, so i guess that’s the reason why the owner release them in the wild.

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Abandoning domestic fluffies to be ferals :x::frowning:
Crushing mummah’s skull and stomping her foals fucking flat so they can’t breed in the wild :white_check_mark::laughing: