New pests, new pesticides. (by: artist-kun)




Ohhhhhh yah we’re can I get some of dis

im sure it has no lasting effects on other wildlife or the environment at large

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Poisoned dinerrr

is your record is broken? you haven’t said anything but “x dinerrr” for 2,5 months

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I love the goblin from artist kun’s pictures. Something about the way it says “dinerrr” combined with the horror of the fluffies in those pictures is fantastic. I want to put it on a shirt and sell it. Or maybe come up with a new fluffy based crypto currency and call it Dinerrcoin.

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Samael takes notes on chemical-daddeh Samael Ned dis for expewaments can Samael hab some onwly ne fwive bwottles


Personally, I prefer “Fluffycide!” which causes fluffies to literally melt. You have to apply directly to the fluffy though. “Sowwy Spway” means never having to apologize to the bubbling mass of goo that used to be a fluffy!

Love the blindness and paralytic properties. Makes them easier to find for predators.

Good product, protect your property.