News about the continuation of my textpost series

It won’t be posted for a while because I just can’t improve my grammar or anything like that. I get discouraged too easily and I end up giving up. I don’t even feel like trying for a while.


please dont give up man i love your work and i am looking forward to the next story


Writing is a slow process, and when you get into the nitty and gritty of it, it is easy to feel discouraged. That’s the benefit of trying, you can learn and grow from it, even if it’s in small increments that feel like nothing at all. You are improving though. When I read my work, and notice grammar errors and little things here and there that can be improved on, it’s a good sign because it shows that you’re growing. That’s when you break out the edit button and start fixing up your work. And bit by bit, you improve as a writer. :slight_smile: I have faith in you though, anyone who takes the time to write will gradually improve on it.

I just don’t want you to feel discouraged, just as much as I don’t want any writer to feel that way, because we can always get better.


Thank you

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Thank you for the encouragement