Night of the Fluffy, Part 10: "Newsies" by Resnoth

As the commercial break ended, the news program came back on, as the camera shows again the news anchor, and his co-host, a news fluffy in big cute glasses, and a tie.

"Good evening, and welcome back.

We have late word just arriving.

This is the latest disclosure in a report from officials in Hasbio.

‘It has been established that fluffies who have recently died…have been returning to life and committing acts of murder against other fluffies.’

A widespread investigation of reports from vetinaries, fluffymarts, and fluffy daycares has concluded that the recently deceased fluffies are coming back to life, and seeking fluffy and human victims.

It’s hard for us to believe what we’re reporting, but this does seem to the the facts that are coming in.

When this emergency first began, radio and TV broadcasts were advising people and fluffies to stay inside behind locked doors for safety.

Well that situation has now changed.

We’re able to report a definite course of action for you.

Rescue stations are now being opened and are now providing food, shelter, medical treatment, and protection by armed police forces.

Stay tuned to the broadcasting stations in your area for this list of rescue stations.

This list will be repeated throughout this news coverage.

Look for the nearest station to your area, and make your way to that location as soon as possible. "

"Eawwiah in dis bwoadcast, cwosed doows meetin’ was cawwed into action between officiaws fwom Hasbio, N.A S.A, dah C.D.C, dah F.B.I, dah U.N.S.C.E.A.R, an’ dah N.C.R.P., yet dey hab not weweased any infowmation fwom dah meetin’.

Why am wadiobiowogists, wadiation expewts, an space expewts bein’ consuwted by an appawent fwuffie biwus emewgency?

Su faw, specuwation on dah answah points to an owdah stowy that was wepowted week ago about wecent expwosion at wabowatowy owned by Hasbio dat was cawsd by a Venus pwobe satewwite fawwing fwom owbit.

Some souwces say dat aftah dah expwosion, dewe was an unusuaw amount of wadiation awound dah bwast awea.

Couwd dis wadiation be wesponsibwe fo’ dah muwdews we am nao suffewing?

Newsman John Stebens, in Washington, hab asked dose questions to weseawchews an’ officiaws fwom Hasbio who wewe bwiefwy seen comin’ fwom dah meetin’."

The camera cuts to footage of two Hasbio officials and a radiobiologist, walking away from a building, with reporters on all sides filming them and pointing their microphones at them.

John Stevens was among the reporters asking the Hasbio officials the questions while he had a fluffy carrier strapped to his chest with a fluffy on board, a microphone strapped to its hoof it was holding out, towards the Hasbio officials.

“So you’re coming from a meeting regarding to the Pennsylvania Hasbio lab explosion, is that right?”

The 1st Hasbio official, pauses, then briefly says, “Yes, that was the subject of the meeting.”

“So do you feel there is a connection between the explosion and the recent epidemic?”

The radiobiologist answers, “There is a definite connection. A definite connection.”

Both Hasbio officials look at the radiobiologist.

“So would you say that the radiation from the explosion is enough to cause mutations?”

The radiobiologist replies with, “There was a high degree of radiation to possibly cause a mutat-” before being interrupted by the 1st Hasbio official.

“Wait just a minute, uh I’m not sure that’s certain at all. I dont think that-”

The second Hasbio official steps in, as they all approach a car, “There is no logical explanation that we have at this time.”

“So is Hasbio saying that the radiation is not the cause of these mutation?”, John Steven’s asks.

The 1st Hasbio official replied, "I can not speak for the entire company of Hasbio at this time, gentlemen.

I must disagree with this gentlemen here until this is irrefutably proved."

The second says, “Everything is being done that can be done.”

“Professor, you believe there is a connection to the mutations and the radiation?”

The radiobiologist replies, “There is a definite connection as far as the rest of the-”

“Doctor, please. I thought we decided that is not proved yet,” the 1st Hasbio official interrupts.

“Was the lab-when the lab exploded, was there-”

"There was an unusual amount of radiation.

Enough to cause mutations in fluffies under certain circumstances."

The three men step into a car, as reporters try to ask more questions before they leave.

“Will we get an official statement from-”


“So Hasbio will reply later on this afternoon?”

"Perhaps, perhaps.

We are doing everything possible to solve the problem."

The camera holds on the car as it drives off.

Back in the living room, Gwen gets up, saying, “I’ve heard enough. We need to get out to one of those rescue stations.”

“There was a truck in a barn when we crashed here” said John.

“I know, I saw it when I pulled in here, but we would need a key.”

“Oh wait, I thought I saw a key ring in the kitchen.”

He walks to the kitchen, looking for the key Ring he saw, until he opened up a drawer and grabbed the key ring from in there.

As he headed back into the living room, he looked at the TV, and saw on the bottom of it the location of a rescue station.

Gwen was looking at it too, saying “Willard. I saw a sign that said ‘Willard’.”

John replied back, “It’s only a few miles from here.”

“You from around here?”

“No , but I memorised a few places here because I was thinking of moving Judith and I here somewhere away from the noise of the city.”

“Maybe we can come up with a plan to get out of here. You said that they’re afraid of fire right?”


"Maybe we can make a torch or something, with one of us carrying one fluffy and a torch, while the other carries the rifle.

Then we can make our way to the barn, start the truck, and maybe find a few gas cans.

Maybe we’ll have enough to make it to Willard."

“But won’t the door be open somewhere?”

"It will have to be the front door then.

We’ll lock it here, make the trip, then when we bring the truck here, we’ll unlick the door to bring the others and the food too."

“Sounds like a plan.”

As they were discussing this, the Smarty had peeked in through a slight gap in the door, hearing their plan, then looking back, seeing the food that they mentioned.

Back at the news station, the human news anchor was speaking with a guest.

"Dr. Hiemer, you’re entire staff has been working very hard to find a solution to this epidemic.

Do you have any answers at the moment?"

"Well, we have some answers, but first let me stress out the importance of seeking medical attention for anyone who has been injured in any way.

We don’t fully know what complications might result from such injuries."

"There have been reports of people partaking in these acts of violence.

Could they have become the same creatures that these fluffies are now?"

“We haven’t run any tests on whether or not it can be transferred from fluffy to human and have the same effects, but we have speculated on it.”

“Is there a link between the Hasbio explosion and the reanimation of these fluffies?”

"There could be. In our lab, we had a fluffy.

A fluffy that was dead, and which had all four limbs had been amputated.

Sometime early this morning, it opened its eyes and began to move its stumps.

It was dead, but it opened its eyes and tried to move.

After some attempts, we destroyed the fluffy by burning it.

These fluffies should be disposed of at once, preferably by cremation."

“Well how long does it take for these fluffies to get back up?”

“We estimated to be three to five minutes.”

“Minutes? Well that doesn’t give owners enough time to say goodbye or make arrangements.”

"No you’re right, it doesn’t give them enough time.

The fluffies must be carried out to the street, and burned.

They must be burned immediately.

The owners will just have to deal with the situation and destroy the bodies of their pets.

They’re just dead fluffies, and dangerous."