no matter.... (matchatea_fluffster)


It’s true, but some people are more due than others I think

Unless you’re a fluffy
Then you go to hell
Where annoying little creatures dwell

They whine, they cry, they talk like fools
But down here they know the rules

Same as it was above the ground but now it’s clear
Fluffies are toys, broken for fun, vermin and parasites, to torture for fun


Good fluffys go to spaghetti heaven and bad fluffys go to hell. I’d like to think that on Tuesdays and Thursdays people in hell get to torture fluffys on those days themselves. Also I see the good fluffy and bad fluffy ratio as 30% good and 70% bad with cherpy babys going to heaven, but the moment they open their eyes when they are still alive the automatic ride to heaven is nulled.

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I think we’ll never be rid of Kissinger. He became a lich.

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