No More Playtime pt.1 (By Wudgi)

Tom stood in a “raise-it-yourself” section of the toyshop. A colourful box caught his eye. “Pony Eggs” was written on it with big cartoony letters, each was different color. “Raise your new friends yourself!”, said the inscription in the corner of the box. The cost of $66 didn’t scare Tom as he walked to the cashier with his new toy.
Tom was the type of person that we call an adult child. In his town he was known as a creep. Big round glasses, ugly moustache, very slim figure. Not a surprise he still lived alone. He worked as a system administrator in a small company, but earned enough to pay his bills. The only thing didn’t leave Tom for his 24 years of life – an urge to hurt.
At home, Tom opened the box. Inside was an electricity-heated plastic nest, a small ziplocked package with cotton inside, a teeny-tiny baby food bottle and three small eggs. He put batteries in the nest, made the cotton bed inside of it and placed the eggs. Each egg had a plastic tail, each of which he pulled out, after reading the instruction. The incubation process has started, so Tom headed to bed.
Tom woke up from chirps and peeps. He looked into the nest and understood that it was coming from the eggs. The instruction read that he should remove the lids on top of the eggs when he heard the chirping, so he did just that. Tom took out three semi-bald pony foals, each having rare wet colourful fluff. The first was green, the second was pink and the third was yellow. He gently rubbed each of them with warm water and fed them the baby formula he had in the box. Their pudgy bellies were filled with milk and they chirped happily. Then, Tom turned on a special button on the nest that started playing the words that the babies would learn. This was going just as Tom planned.
On the third day, the babies opened their eyes.
“Daddeh!”, said the pink baby as it saw Tom, starting to chirp and peep happily.
“Wub daddeh! Huggies!”, peeped the foals.
“Oh hey there little ones! You already opened your eyes!”, Tom said. “You babies ended up in the right hands. But there are rules to follow if you want to be good babies for daddy and get all the huggies, love and milk”, explained Tom to the foals, “Do not be mean to daddy and each other, do not try to get out of your home and don’t try to take off your diapers.”
“Bu’ babbeh nu knu diapeh!”, peeped the yellow foal. Tom took out a small packet, “Baby Pony Diapers” was written on it.
“Diaper is a very important thing for babies. If you want to make good poopies, never take your diapers off”, Tom explained as he put the diapers on each of the three.

In the middle of the night, Tom snatched to the nest. He gently pulled the diaper from the yellow foal, trying hard not to wake it up.
“Wub daddeh…”, the yellow foal said in his sleep, then starting to suck its soft hoof.
“Let’s see how you’ll love me tomorrow”, Tom whispered as he headed to bed.
“NU DADDEH, BABBEH SOWWY! BABBEH NU TAKE DIAPEH!” – the yellow foal screamed early in the morning as daddy headed to the basement with the terrified crying and farting baby pony in his hands.
“You should have thought earlier, too late now. There is a rule, and you broke it”, Tom answered as he held the chirping baby pony. “But that’s okay, let’s play now.”
“Pwaysies!? chirp Babbeh wub pwaysies! Babbeh wan pway bwockies wif daddeh!”, chirped the yellow foal as it was hoping that daddy forgave him.
“Not quite that”, Tom answered. Then, he pulled out a scalpel. “You will suffer less than the others, since you’re the first to get caught. Now, let’s play”, Tom said as he slightly pressed the yellow baby’s face against the metallic table; however, it was enough to give it a bruise, a nose bleed and cause it to start chirping as loud as it could, squirting liquid watery diarhhea everywhere. The yellow foal tried to crawl away from Tom, but didn’t get far. Tom started to cut his legs off. Soon, the yellow foal lost its consciousness.
“Wakie-wakie little donkey”, Tom sang as he gently shook the yellow baby.
“Daddeh? chirp Babbeh hab bad dweamies! chirp peep Daddeh gib hugsies?”, the foal chirped.
“That wasn’t a nightmare, silly. That was real.”, Tom exclaimed. “Can you feel your legs?”
“W-wha? chirp CHIRP CHIRP PEEP CHIRP CHIRP CHOO CHOOOOO”, the baby screamed as it understood its position. “Wai daddeh!? CHIRP SOB Bu’ babbeh wub daddeh! CHOO Hao babbeh wun an’ pwaysies?”
“You’re not gonna play anymore. No more playtime”, said Tom as he opened a toolbox. “Hey there Baby Blue, you’ve got guests”.
The yellow baby loudly peeped in terror. A terribly disfigured pony, covered in burns, blind in one eye lied inside an old toolbox. It had no limbs too. It slowly raised its head.
“N… nyu fwend fow Babebwoo?”


Don’t forget your name in the title :f_martini:
The Owl sees all ~

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So, Tom didn’t cook Baby Blue all the way ~
Kinda feel sad for the little nugget, this is certainly much worse for him :sadboy:

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I agree.


This is gonna get fun.

The pacing is quite good!

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