No Notifications? (Solved!)

So for awhile now I have not been receiving any notifications when someone I follow posts. I’ve looked into my settings/preferences but I don’t see anything amiss (but please give me any suggestions about it). I noticed this happened shortly after I had this problem as well (that has since been fixed). Has anyone else had similar issues or have a solution?

Sorry for not bringing this up sooner, I’ve just been incredibly busy and overwhelmed!


Same. They were working before, and I can’t find a way to reanable them.


Roughly 1.5 weeks ago I had a friend help me to track down the multiple notifications bug.
I’ll check out your individual settings and see if I can tell why you’re getting none at all.


I’m getting notifications, just not postings from the people I follow.

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Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.
While trying to track down the repeat notification bug, I did turn off some of the options on the Follow plugin, and I had forgotten to turn them back on.
They are now re-enabled.
Let me know if you get repeat notifications, or if there is a continued problem.

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Will do! Was there something I could have done?

Nope, this was totally on my end, and I apologize sincerely for letting it slip my mind.

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All good! Shit happens!

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Apparently the Follow plugin is the cause of the repeated notification bug. Since trying to make an adjustment to the plugin, the bug has returned.
Until such a time that I can get the plugin uninstalled, I’m trying turning the plugin back on to hopefully alleviate the bug for the time being

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Ah, now I know why I suddenly lost the ability to follow anyone!