No nummies. [StrayStrawberry]

Chirps and thuds came from the alleyway outside. Everyone avoided the thudding and chirps. Meanwhile, Dewy was digging in garbage for some dinner. Its hard to dig in bags when you have flat
teeth and no fingers. Dewy finally found an untouched carrot in the corner. Slowly…slowly she approached it. THUD! Crash! Another fluffy hopped out the trash and stood with its head high infront of the bacteria infested, ant-populated grub.
“My carrot! Smarty get all bestest nummies an sweepies! Poopie babbeh wait till Smarty eat first!”
Another smarty. Dammit.
Dewy backed away, and the smarty just had to say “Yeah! Bow to Smarty, poopie babbeh!”
Dewy got angry at that point, but what could she do? Beg? Wait, she could. She’s a pony, for god’s sake.
“Pwease Smarty, Dewwy nee nummies for babbehs! Mummah Dewwy eat bestest nummies to make bestest milkies for babbeh. Pwease Smarty…pwease give nummies…”
The smarty fluffies didn’t budge. In fact. It scowled, sending Dewy running.
Dewy didn’t know how’d she’d provide food with no food. She needed that carrot, and she knew it. She needed more than Smarty did.

“I wanna be good mummah…but no nummies…”
Dewy said, going to sleep hungry, again.


well, guess she bad mummah then


Put your damn name in the title or else you will be haunted by spoopy goasts

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No name in title