Not a good home 2 [BrainStemScoliosis]

I brought Sauce upstairs with me, remembering to turn off the basement light for the rest of the fluffies. I quietly and carefully sneaked across the hallway to the garage while Sauce snuggled aginst my arm. Thankfully he was being rather quiet, which was in luck as if Barley had seen him my plans for her could have been compromised.

I walked into the garage and left Sauce on my car’s hood for a second as I grabbed a plastic sheet to protect my workbench. “Stay right there Sauce mommy is getting the sketti ready”

”okeh mummah Sawce nu move till sketti weady”

‘Now what to do what to do?’ I thought to myself. While I hadn’t decided yet I knew I needed to put Sauce under anethetic if I wanted to avoid any complications with Barley. While havily insulated the garage was nowhere near soundproof. So I crushed up some fluffysleepy pills in a ziplock bag.

“Sauce can you smell this and tell me if its good?” I said approaching the off red fluffy with the now open ziplock, presenting it to his snout.

”Yey! Sauce help mummah wif…wif”


I pulled the bag away just in time for Sauce to go limp and begin snoring, the anthetic had worked and I had lots of leftovers. For now I got to work, I picked the sleeping Sauce and placed him on my workbench.

While I had many ideas on how to make a fluffy scream itself hoarse that implied the fluffy would be conscious which as I have stated is not on the table. I also could not injure him too much as I wanted him to be the scapegoat for the other fluffies, thats when an idea came to me.

‘Why don’t I simply remove his vocal chords?’ There was more than one way to silence a fluffy, methods that had been tried and tested and could be performed to inflict as much or as little pain as possible, depending on the owner’s intentions. However I had never heard of someone silencing their fluffy in such a way.

Unfortunately such a procedure would be much harder than a homemade pillowfluff or castration as unlike those two procedures I would have to open up the fluffy and perform full on surgery.

I decided against doing that today but made a mental note to look into similar procedures for the future. Instead I decided that I would use fluffies easy to manipulate nature and Sauce’s sleeping state to further my scapegoating and torture of Sauce.

My plan was to pillow him and wake him allong with the other fluffies with his head in an empty spaghetti bowl. I would then say that the spaghetti was for the other fluffies but mean Sauce ate it all, though his legs felt so guilty they ran away! Not original but it didn’t have to be.

I immediately got to work first cutting off the blood supply to the legs via rubber bans before injecting a fluffy safe local anesthetic. I then dislocated each joint individually, before taking out a clipper and shaving the fluff from the joint down.

Now it was time for the real challenge, severing, suturing and cauterizing the legs. Using an old backsaw I began to cut the leg off. First the skin, then flesh, then muscle [or the other way ‘round I didn’t pay attention in bio] and finally the bone.

Before getting to the fragile white structure that held the leg together I cut a peice of Tungesten wire and began heating it up with a blowtorch. While the saw could certainly do the job, it would leave a splintered uneven cut which was not the desired outcome. I should’ve read the intructions and label on the local anesthetic because as soon as the wire began to burn through the bone sauce began stirring.

“Shit shit shit” I immediately pulled the wire back and Sauce stopped stirring, it seemed that the anesthetic could not block out the sensation of heat or a burn. I thought I was in the clear when suddenly.


Sauce began screaming like a banshee, his eyes were still closed, his body unmoving but his voice. Oh god his voice, it was ear shatteringly loud and shrill, it was grating on my ears and certainly audible to the rest of the house if not the entire neighborhood.

I didn’t have much time, Barley had without a doubt heard the scream and was panicking, and there was a high chance one of my neighbors was coming over to investigate. Thinking fast I unlocked my car, put sauce’s open leg in front of a tire and pushed the car until a heard an audible


I quickly put him back on the table and rushed to the living room where I found Barley shaking under her blanket with a brown stain coating the wall.

She must’ve heard me approaching because she mumbled something about bad poopies. Careful petting her through the blanket I did my best to reassure her.

“Barley, Barley. It’s me, im right here baby”

She peeked out from under the blanket


“Yes it’s me Barley, im sorry you had to hear that. I found a fluffy in the garage and he’s badly hurt”

”Nyu fwuffy nee huggies?”

“Im afraid not he’s really hurt so I have to do medicine”

Barley was finally comfortable enough to peek her entire head from under the blanket and she looked up at me.

”Mi-de-sin?” she asked absolutely butchering the pronunciation.

“Yes, it’s how humans fix huwties

I said softly scratching her mane and then chin

”Nyu fwuffy be okeh?”

“He should be, as soon as he’s good enough to see you i’ll bring him in okay? Now rest up while I clean that off the wall”

“Okeh mummah, Bawley go sweepies…sowwy fo bad poopies” She said curling herself back into a ball under her blankets.

“It’s okay baby, I know you didn’t mean it and were just scared. Il wake you up when dinners ready”

I have her one final pet before getting a sponge and bucket to clean the mess she made

After about 10minutes of gagging and dry heaving I had finally managed to clean the dark brown stain off my wall, and surprisingly nobody had come to see the source of the screaming. Maybe this neighborhood was more abuser friendly than I thought. Once I had finished I returned to the garage where the screaming had subsided and was replaced with a lot of crying.

”wahhhah. Weggies! weggieees!” Sauce cried over his broken limb, unaware of my presence.

”huhu…wai weggies hab biggest huwties huhu? hao sawce pway and wun now huhu?”

Seeing his pain, suffering despair it filled me with such warmth and completeness.

”Nao Sawce nevah find special fwiend. uhu huh huh hic. Nevah hab babehs huhu”

Finally he erupted into a fountain of tears

”Mummah! Mummah! Wed babehs hav biggest huwties! Wahhh. Sniff. Nee huggies! Mummah! Mumma-ahah!”

Sauce was clearly crying for it’s mother but since I had trained him and the other fluffies to call me mummah instead of daddeh this could prove to be confusing in the future.

There was a problem I had yet to think of, I had left the rubber bands on Sauce which had paralyzed him but also may have killed the limbs. If i was not too late I could both have my fun and save him for later by placing him in an immobilization board while his legs healed. I could even tell him some fake story about how I saved him, it would make any betrayal even more painful for him.

However, if I was too late I would have no choice but to amputate all the legs to save his life, well prolong his suffering more accurately. Regardless I would only really be able to tell in a day or two and more urgent I had yet to finish his front right leg.

“Sauce! Oh my poor baby what happened?!” I asked feigning concern and shock as best as I could. He immediately looked up to me, cheeck fur stained with tears.

“M-mummah! Hewp Sawce huhu nu am feew weggies huhu”

Sauce looked absolutely pitiful, his maw seemed like it would open to let another torrent of wails at any second and his eyes were red and glossy from all the crying.

“Did you stay like I told you too?” I asked sternly ignoring his request for compassion.

sniff ”Sawce nu wemembah” sob ”wemembah mummah sai sketti time den…den”

He looked like he was about to break any second

“Then?” I pressed him for more on his recollection of events

I had gone too far it seemed for the next minute or so all that came out of Sauce were wails cries and even a few chrips. If I didn’t act fast he was going to revert to the mental state of a newborn any second.

I grabbed the ziplock coated my finger in some of the dust and smeared it across Sauce’s nostrils, with him nearly hyperventilating from the crying he collapsed instantly. I immediately removed all the rubber band and finished the amputation on the front right leg, switching the tungsten wire for a hunting knife. Finishing as quickly as I could I surured and slathered the stump in insta-heal gel, a product specifically made to boost a fluffy’s already impressive healing speed.

Still unconscious I took Sauce to the living room and grabbed a spare pet bet from on of the shelves. I set him about four feet away from Barley and softly woke her up.

“Barley, Barley” I whispered softly rolling her in her bed

She woke up rather quickly, her eyes open almost instantly. ”am nummie time mummah?”

‘Oh crap I forgot about supper’

“Not yet sweetie, but I do have something for you”

”Fo Bawley?”

She asked quizically looking arround the room at the same time.

“Yes I brough you the hurt fluffy, but he needs some peace and quiet to get better”

I moved out of the way so Barley could see the light red fluffy resting near the couch.

“You can give him huggies tomorrow but for today let him rest okay?”

Barley looked down at the wooden floor obviously disappointed about not being able to hug and socialize with her newfound friend.

”Okeh daddeh, Bawley wet nyu fwiend sweepies”

“That’s a good girl, dinner’s almost ready okay?”

She coo’ed as I petted her mane once more, she’d make an excellent pet if she wasn’t going to end up as my plaything.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I had a ton of fun writing it while bedridden and hopefully most of my creativity didn’t rely on my fever. See you guys next time!


suffering despair it filled me with such warmth and completeness.

Ah a true abuser after my own heart. Love the story so far seems a little quick in places but ah how I love the abuse. The rubber band was a wonderful touch maybe have a rubber band around his nuts and have them fall off lol. Well done.