Not a good home 4 [BrainStemScoliosis]

After ladder’s outburst I had considered fucking with her by finding foals similar to hers and extracting the scent from her foals, then as you can imagine I would subject her to mental torture by making her kill those foals thinking they were hers only to reveal the real ones were alive, but suffering a fate worse than death.

However, with how many I fluffies I already had and how they were all at different stages of the myriad of abuse plans I had though of I decided against it. I wasn’t even halfway though the entree and already beginning to taste the desert. No this wouldn’t do especially with my ultimate plan for Sauce.

I walked back to my garage and opened a drawer in the many shelves that lined the walls. I quickly found what I was looking for, a large sheet of paper with plans for my magnup opus. There were many drawings of overly simplistic fluffies with two outlines, one for the largest and smallest possible fluffies, along with a table of acceptable dimensions. The main sketch was of a larger fluffy standing upright with a smaller one on it’s back.

What was this plan? Well you’ll just have to wait to find out though im sure you can guess. I took a sharpie and wrote down a few dimensions on my arm before carefully placing the plan back in it’s drawer and grabbing a tape measure.

Ladder was still in the kitchen sink, I could hear her grumble about what dummeh and meanie I was and insulting the wall of the sink for trapping her, as if they would hear her complaints and magically give way.

*“Dummeh wawa boxie! Wet waddew out nao!”*She demanded pointlessly slamming her hooves against the wall of the sink like a child on the floor when it doesnt get something.
Hmp! “Dummeh wawa-boxie nu ebem am pwetty. Owd mummah wawa-boxie suu much pwettiest, ou ugwy. Take sowwy poopsies!”
In the absense of an escape it seemed the bitch mare had begun insulting the sink as if it’s feelings could be hurt and defecated all over one of the walls.

While normally I would be pretty angry at having to clean such a mess I didn’t mind because it gave me an idea for how to dispose of her foals in a very painful and gross manner.

Setting the tape measure down I re-opened the cupboards where I kept the other foals, their crying had stopped and they were all huddled together in a corner of the Tupperware, the paper towel containing a large yellow stain in its center an a trail of small streams of yellow leading to the foal pile.

“OU! Wet waddew out nao! Ou dummeh daddeh, nu wisten to waddew. Ou meanie take babehs! Gib babehs backsies and wet waddew weave stoppi housie. Waddew knu ou nu gud, nu can ewen cwean poopies”
She complained pointing at her dookies which was slowly sliding off the wall of the sink and creeping towards the drain where the mare sat. I ignored her simply retrieving a ziplock bag to use as a glove and taking the tupperware full of foals out and setting it on the counter.

CHRIP CHRIP The foals vocalised their distress “Huhu…wewe am mummah?” “nu mowe dawskies” “waaaah babeh nu smeww pwetty smeww wike pee-pees”

and of course loudest of them all
I did not even have to look to know that Ladder was now trying to get with renewed vigour pawing at the walls of the sink with all her might.

Before she could even bark an order at me to let her out for her babehs in a more colourful way. I picked one of the foals up carefully not to get the bestest, stuck my hand in the ziplock and used it as a makeshift glove so I could smear the foal in Ladder’s shit without getting my hand dirty.

She exclaimed going back to the scene of her fecal crime to try and dig out the poor shit smeared foal, at first trying to grab it out with her teeth.

BLECH! “Nu taste pwetty” SPAT SPAT

And to no-ones suprise the bitch mare gave up on saving its foal and began trying to nudge it out with its hoof making disgusted faces and belching whenever her hoof would touch its own shit. This went on for about five minutes with the foal pleading and chirping in distress before it was finally clean enough for ladder to begrudgingly begin hugging and cleaning it.

Unfortunately for me this had made quite a mess and the lard blob of shit was now thinly spread across the sink and it was unlikely Ladder could produce more so I quickly rinsed out the sink much to the Ladder’s protests and went to the living room to recycle my other fluffies shit.