Not for sale by(that1hugboxer)

You are Joey Portnoy.

While out and about on your weekly chaperone day with Odis , Hoagie and Jill, a woman approached you offering a very large sum of money (in terms of fluffies )for Odis. You explained that he is not your fluffy but that both he and Hoagie belong to a friend neither of whom are for sale .

The woman explains that she has a live stream where she abuses fluffies for money .

She looks at Odis, practically salivating over the chance to dismember such an innocent and well taken care of SBS.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus…not even NEUTERED.”

You swear her breathing is growing more labored .

“I’ll give you $500.”

You back up your shopping cart trying to put distance between you and her.

She grabs the cart.


You continue trying to leave but her grip on the cart is vice like.

“LET GO!!!”

You pull harder trying to get free.

Her eyes are still locked on Odis.


The woman shoves money in your face.

You smack her hand away.

“Get the hell away from me you creepy ass bitch!!!”


An entire bologna hits the woman in the back of her head.

You look just in time to witness Jill coming in for a second swing .

The woman turns around at that exact moment and gets log of processed pork flesh across the jaw.

She woman looks shocked and outraged.


Jill smiles.

“Hit you? Oh heavens no. If I had hit you, You’d be out cold on that linoleum floor don’tchaknow.”


She should’ve taken the first ‘no’. Did she really think that would work?


A lot people think they can throw money around and get what they want. Unfortunately most of the time they can


i had not one but TWO people try to buy my mean as shit tuxedo cat back when he was still around. i have no idea why.

he bit and hissed when he was done being pet, tortured squirrels for fun, and fought the neighborhood dogs when they annoyed him, but these prissy bitches were adamant that he’d make a good window kitty. threw a fit when i said no, too. unreal


No lady she didn’t hit you, if she did you’d be on the floor unconscious missing a few teeth and have soiled your pants.


I knew processed meat was bad for you, but I didn’t know it could happen so literally.

I still can’t help wondering which of them is going to develop a crush first, Joey or Jill.


“And that’s how I met your mother.”


Id love to do a little fan art of Odis is thats okay? :glee: just let me know his colors and what features he has


I’m honestly speechless with gratitude.

Even fully grown Odis has yet to grow a mane aside from some peach fuzz on his head, even his tail lacks fluff. In terms of physical size he is 2/3 this size of an average adult fluffy. In terms of body shape he looks like an upscaled version of the foal design used in Wikie-cweanies are gross by (The-Agony-Presence). Odis is not the standard for how adult SBS fluffies look in my stories, they usually look almost identical to other fluffies
. Odis is a special case. I haven’t worked out the details as to why he looks different but I am working on it. In terms colors Odis is a darker shade of tangerine almost rust colored. His peach fuzz is grayish brown kind of like swamp mud.
Though Odis can see . His eyes are usually squinting or completely closed when not at home.

Odis’ pupils are black I don’t mean they are a dark brown or dark green I mean his pupils are actually black as in jet black. Odis’s hoof pads don’t have the typical heart shaped design but rather have no design on them whatsoever. He’s almost always wearing a thunder vest and diaper when not at home . He’s not overweight but also not underweight because Duncan monitors his diet and exercise very carefully. Also as of this story his first tooth has come in. He can walk, climb and snuggle but that’s about the extent of his ability with the the occasional hoof sucking for good measure

This is the comic I’m talking about in case you can’t find it


Thanks so much . I hope it’s not too much detail


not at all, im no piccaso but ill try my best to do it justice! :glee:


Thanks you. On a side note you didn’t ask for money but I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. Do you want compensation for this or is this just a personal project? I don’t want to assume things.

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I try not to make things too explicit in my stories. But I will warn you, Jill and by extension most human bio-toys are not looking for anything other than a life partner.

Side note:
I think you may have missed the story before this one .The Hellkites of Harper valley by(that1hugboxer)

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Hey, Joey is adaptable, and is very skilled at self-management. :smiley: As long as a nice gal likes Stevie Fartbox, and cuddles in front of the TV, she’s OK. :+1:


Just wanted to make sure

SBS fowls usually seem strange to me but Odis tries and I admire that. Not his fault he was born different, but he’s handling it.


I often times hear people refer to SBS fluffies as “ autistic ” if that’s the case , then they would probably function a lot better when on a consistent schedule. Am I saying Odis is going to function at the same level as other fluffies? Maybe , maybe not.
I read somewhere in the fandom that fluffies were originally supposed to live like 30 years and develop slowly over time. What if SBS are a genetic holdover from that original design?

Maybe they do eventually grow out of it but no one has had the patience to keep them alive that long.

Odis is around 2 and a half years old in the story so him just starting potty training would make sense .


I’m reminded of the time Opus T. Penguin became the “Olive Loaf Vigilante” and went around braining street mimes. Man, I miss “Bloom County”!

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Oh god nono im no way near good enough to ask for anything, just something to keep me occupied :glee: helps pass the time