Not Quite Romeo [By BFM101]

So quick life update. I got sick. Nothing major, just a cold, but I don’t get sick very often so this knocked me the fuck out for a few days. Still recovering from it so might be a little while before I can do work on Before The Storm or the like.

Until then, here’s a little story based on @jberg360’s Window Artwork

Sandy was bored.

His boredom had been growing for several days now, his daddy was ALWAYS at work and was gone for so many forevers that even Fluff-TV wasn’t having the same effect on him. What’s worse is that Sandy wasn’t allowed back at the local Fluffy Day-Care due to a complete misunderstanding that was totally not his fault.

I mean, how was he supposed to know that the communal huggy-friend wasn’t to be enfed?

So now, the little yellow Pegasus sat on his bed, too lethargic to watch the telly, too bloated to make his way to the food-bowl, and too angry at his daddeh for taking away his enfie toy last night after Sandy made bad-poopies. Again, not Sandy’s fault, he WAS trying to finish his enfies before the poopies came, but he just wasn’t fast enough, why couldn’t his daddeh see it was an accident.

“San-dee bowed.” He mumbled to himself, wishing he had the energy to get up and do something.

Then he heard it, a soft tinkling noise from outside, a noise he only recently become familiar with but one that filled him with excitement everytime.

“Pwetty mawe?”

Sandy jumped off his bed and clambered up his daddeh’s couch, immediately fell down and cried about his sore ass before getting distracted by the bell sounds and forgetting all about his very recent accident. Trying again, Sandy was just able to get some decent footing and climb onto the couch, then from there he manoeuvred upwards onto the windowsill so he could peer out into his daddeh’s garden.

And there, he saw her.

Lucy was fairly new to the neighbourhood, her mummah had picked her up a little over two months ago, and for the most part things were ok. Her mummah trusted her to give her free-range of the house and her garden, and their neighbour had given Lucy permission to use his garden as a litterbox, providing she only did it when he wasn’t home so that his Fluffy Sandy was locked inside.

At first Lucy found it strange that she wasn’t allowed to meet Sandy, she would’ve liked to have have a new friend. But after one too many times hearing her neighbour shouting at Sandy for being ‘too busy fucking that thing to know how to shit properly’, she began to understand why it was best they never meet.

Until today, when as the pretty white unicorn with a lilac mane entered her neighbour’s garden, ready to help fertilize his plants, she heard a tapping sound coming from above her.

And there, she saw him.

For Sandy, it was like that story his daddeh told him about, Womeo an Juwiet, two distant lovers meeting for the first time, as he gazed down at the beautiful mare with the shining bell on her collar

For Lucy, it was the first story she’d tell her therapist when asked why she doesn’t want babbehs, as she sneered up at the fat stallion with the tiny erection pressed against the glass, a tiny smudge of pre-cum could be seen as the stallion humped the window.

Lucy threw up a little in her mouth at the sight of that.

With great exertion and difficulty Sandy pushed the bottom half of the window up, he couldn’t fit throw the gap himself without risking the window falling on him, but his no-no stick was free and clear to see and that was the main thing.

“San-dee wub pwetty mawe, mawe be speciaw-fwiend?”

Lucy grimaced at the unappealing sight in front of her. “Nu fank yu, Wucy gud.”

“Oh wai nu? San-dee am gud stawwion, gib bestesh enfies.”

“Wucy suwe yu du.” She said trying to humour him. “Bu jus nu inta-wested.”

Sandy scowled at her. “Wha wong wiv yu? Fot aww mawes wan babbehs, San-dee gib mawe vewy gud-babbehs.”

‘Not wikewy wiv dat wittew fing.’ Lucy thought to herself.

“Sowwy nu, Wucy nu wan San-dee babbehs.”

“Dummeh mawe nu knyo wha gud fow yu? San-dee say he wub mawe, mawe nu eben cawe bout San-dee.”

“Weawwy? Wub? Yu eben knyo mawe’s namesie?”

Sandy looked at her like it was the dumbest question imaginable, he was actually getting quite annoyed with this, if it wasn’t for the cool wind tickling his crotch he might’ve lost his erection.

“Dummeh mawe nu say wha namesie is.”

“Hab su, say many times. San-dee nu wisten coz he tuu busy wavin his nu-nu stik awound. Which, fow da wecowd, WUCY neba ask tu see.”

“Mawe nu wike San-dee Stik?” The yellow stallion smirked as he swung his dick around, although from Lucy’s distance he might as well have been twirling a toothpick. “Wha yu a mawe-wubba ow sumfing? Nu hab gud-enfies yet, wet San-dee Stik gib mawe bestesh enfies.”

“San-dee Stik tuwn eben da howniesh Enfie-Mawe intu a mawe wubba, dat wittew fing wook wike sum-wun put a twig on a pee-pee bwankie.”

Sandy was FURIOUS, he couldn’t turn round to give Lucy sorry-poopies so instead he pushed his crotch out a little more and let out a stream of sorry-pee-pees.

He got nowhere even close to hitting her.

“Dummeh ugwy mawe, nu-wun wike yu, hope udda Fwuffies gib yu wowstesh sowwy-enfies.”

“If Wucy am ugwy den wai San-dee twy tu gib enfies.”

“Onwy du dat coz feew sowwy fow yu, yu su ugwy, San-dee wan gib yu pit-ee-enfs.”

Lucy put on her best sarcastic sad face. “Bu San-dee, fot yu wub ‘dummeh mawe’, wai yu wait u Wucy?”

“Nu wan huwt mawe’s feewings, San-dee am gud Fwuffy.”

Sandy’s cock, swung in the breeze as he said that. It’s display STILL unasked for.”

Lucy looked Sandy in the eye and smiled at him. “Dat ok, onwy way San-dee can huwt Wucy is wike pointy-huwties at da vet.”

“Da vet? Wha?”

“Wiv a wittew pwick.”

And Lucy turned round to head back to her garden, leaving Sandy utterly furious. Fuming with rage, he pounded on the window to get the bitch’s attention.



The dull screaming of shock and pain could be faintly heard from inside Lucy’s house, her mummah picked it up as Lucy entered through the doggy door.

“Lucy? What on earth is going on out there?”

“Jus neks-doow Fwuffy, fink he du sumfing dummeh.”

“Hmm, well I can’t say I’m surprised. I hope he didn’t bother you too much.”

“Nu, Wucy find him awwmosh funny wiv him bein dummeh.”

“Well anyway, I’ve got lunch sorted for us, then once we’re done it’s off to the shelters to pick up a special-friend for you.”

“Ooh fank yu mummah, Wucy wub hab speciaw-fwiend.”

“Well of course, anything for you Lucy, you have a think about what kind of special-friend you want over lunch, then let me know when you’re ready to go.”

Lucy’s mummah put down a bowl of flavourful kibble and went to start on her own sandwich. Lucy slowly took in the heart and thought happily about the future.

He mind awash in all the pretty mares her mummah might get to be her special-friend.

When Sandy’s daddeh arrived home a few hours later, he found Sandy still laying on the windowsill, his hoofs clasped to his groin, a small pool of dried blood around him.

“JESUS. Sandy, what happened buddy”

Sandy wheezed, too exhausted from screaming and crying to talk properly. “Meanie… window… gib… wowstesh… huwties. Nu… Nu… Stick…”

Sandy’s daddeh was confused, but as he looked to the window he saw two things that explain, at least partially, what happened. On the inside there was a small splatter of blood from where the window had landed on Sandy sometime earlier.

And on the outside, still stuck in the frame, was the severed, flattened and tiny remains of Sandy’s Stick.


How to geld a fluffy stallion in 0 easy steps!


Ahahahahhahaahaha!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Serves you right Sandy! :joy::joy::joy:

Love this short story! Fits with the artwork :+1:

Make sure you rest well @BFM101 get well soon.


Take care, get some rest, thank you for the laugh!


Hahahahhahh that shit was hilarious little bastard got what was coming to him and the back and forth between the two Fucking gold mate. Good job! Also get well soon!


The plot twist that Lucy actually IS lesbian is awesome :joy: amazing story


Nice. :+1:

Looks like we got a little more “Taming of the Shrew” and “Much Ado About Nothing.”


Good shit, had me rolling.


Sandy is a complete dumbass who completely deserves the karma dealt to him…That being said, pissing with a full on erection isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, bravo Sandy.