Nu Gib Bestes' Babbeh Owwies- By The_Chosen_Ashen_Hunter

The dark brown foal with his grass-green mane was sniffing around the fence of his yard, every now and again nibbling on “Gwassie nummies” to recover from the absolute trauma that was the bath he’d just received from his owner. He didn’t care how much mummah said “Nu babbeh dah wawa feews wawm an’ makes fwuffies smeww pwetty!”. He was mortified, and after much crying while being dried off, he had been allowed to go play in the front yard while mummah got a bath.

A grunting of effort and the shout of “Dummeh metaw fencie munsta wet smawty fwooh!” Caused the young foal to look up, to his excitement there was a new fluffy! He was bright yellow with a brilliant blue mane, he caught the foal’s eye and marched up to him, looking…angry? “Dummeh poopie babbeh, dis am smawty’s housie nao, go 'way ow smawty gib sowwy hoofsies!” The fluffy demanded, stomping the ground angrily as he shouted at the foal for merely existing.

The foal had only just recently went from sporadic chirps and peeping to talking, and was shocked that this fluffy was being so mean! “Chocowate sky wawas am not poopie babbeh, mummah cawws fwuffy dah bestes’ babbeh!” The foal responds, shivering a bit in fear as the stallion snorts angrily and stomps again, “Den poopie babbeh hab dummeh mummah too! Nao smawty’s am gon’ gib wowstes sowwy hoofsies!” He shouts as he raises his feet again to bring them down on the foal barely half his size.

The scree that issued from Chocolate Rain’s mouth made Alex jump in the bathroom where he was bathing Chocolate’s mom, Smoothie. Smoothie went absolutely ballistic, but all Alex heard was “Mummah’s wast babbe-“ before she was drowned out by the sound of Luthor, Alex’s six year old Saint Bernard, running down the hallway, followed very quickly by Alex and a still soapy Smoothie.

The next scree and stream of horrific shit and piss came from the smarty, he quickly turned into a yellow and blue blur as Luthor ripped the little bastard to pieces, shaking him like a chew toy before the mangled hunk of technicolor fur and flesh flew out of his mouth over the fence. Luthor sniffed and licked Chocolate Rain, who cooed and hugged the dog’s snout, “Fank 'ou bawky munstah fwend, chocowate sky wawas wub 'ou!” He says as Alex rubs his temple…how’d that smarty manage to get in? He swore he’d covered that hole after the last time a smarty tried to force himself on Smoothie, Luthor had ripped that one apart too. The giant bastard loved the fluffies like they were his kids or something.

“Whewe daddeh takin’ fwuffy?” Chocolate asks as Alex lifts the shit and piss covered foal off the ground, “Gotta give you another bath buddy.” Alex says, groaning as this announcement is met with immediate blubbering and screeing from the foal despite reassurance from both Alex and Smoothie, who trailed soap behind her as the four of them trotted back inside.

Kinda went MIA last week, sorry about that! I wanted to get this one out there before I forgot, I was watching YouTube earlier and saw some video of a dog dragging a cat away from a fight with another cat all gentle and I decided to kinda throw this as a spin on it lol.


Pro tip: use three hyphens “-“ to creat this effect

Pretty cool?


Nice story cute too :slightly_smiling_face:


Awww Good Doggie! Give the Smarty more pain