OC References

You can ignore this, it just references for my Fluffy OCs. But you can also leave any tips for how I draw fluffies since I’m still somewhat new. This will be updated semi often and can be used as my OC wiki for some that might want to learn about my fluffies!

Species: Normal Fluffy

Variety: Unicorn

Gender: Mare

Age: Adult

Herd Role: Smarty

Family: N/A

Personality: Social, stuck up, sassy, demanding, competitive, only nice to foals, hates humans, likes purple, etc…

Past: She was adopted as a foal and raised in captivity around many other fluffies. Opal became the herd leader after she reached adulthood because she’s a unicorn (There weren’t many unicorns besides her). Not much else is yet known about her past.


I’d reccomend pulling up some horse leg references for the legs (albeit making them a lot shorter than horse legs), but other than that, she’s the only smarty I wouldn’t punt into a river!


Welcome to FC, and thanks for making this charming little piece here. Sadly I can’t offer any input since I’m not an artist. If I had to say one thing, then it’d be that fluffies generally tend to be stocky and squat, with short legs. All the same, you drew a really cute fluffy.

Fun fact: The old Booru used to have strict rules on what counted as a fluffy. Yours might not have been allowed there because, to the old moderator, it might’ve looked too much like an MLP!