Odis’s first word by (that1hugboxer)

You place Odis on the carpet .his big round eyes intently focused on the pictures in the book you were reading him.

“Do you like green eggs and ham?”

Odis coos joyfully not really understanding but enjoying the different voices you make.
“I do not like them, Sam-I-am.”

Odis leans into you , his eyes still wide with wonder as he inspects the new picture.
“I do not like green eggs and ham.”

Odis taps his hoofs

You stop reading and turn to Odis

“D…Did you just say something!?”

Odis stares at you squints and slobbers on himself.

You close the book. Suddenly Odis taps his hooves on the cover in a frantic manner.


You laugh and pick up Odis, kissing him on the head.

“You spoke! I can’t believe it! You really spoke!”

Tears of joy stream down your face as you hold Odis close.even if it was just one word, he was associating it with the book.this was more than you thought possible for Odis.

“Oh little buddy I’m so proud of you!”


I know this is rather short even for me. I’ve been trying for several weeks to think of something more to write. No matter what I tried to add it never felt right. So instead of potentially ruining this sweet moment I decided that maybe keeping it short would be the best option.

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Maybe release a group of stories as one big collection if you are concerned your posts are too short

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Awwww, Odis! Short but sweet. :black_heart:

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Here you are, blasting me with the shotgun of feels.

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I love writing stories about this dude but I kind of ran into a problem with odis and his dad. If we only count the named fluffies he owns. We have Odis, Atlas, queequeg, trantor , Galatea , jelly, jam , Montezuma, holly, sugar bell, citrine, ghillie , Olga and Gummy. If we take into account that gummy was part of a micro colony rescued during during the events of quicksilver’s return, then at minimum that’s a total 20 fluffies. I genuinely didn’t realize I had given this poor man so many fluffies. Originally I thought “hey he lives in Texas he’s probably got a decent sized house “ but this has ballooned outside the realm of simply having enough space and money for food. Even in the most ideal circumstances this man cannot take care of all these fluffies because he’s just one guy, I’m honestly a little embarrassed that I accidentally turned this dude into a hugboxer equivalent of a crazy cat lady.

The whole reason I had him work at a daycare as opposed to a fluff mart is because he would be trying to rescue all the unsold fluffies on last chance day.


He’s a fluffy hearder.

I recommend keeping all fluffys up till jam, all after get adopted

I agree aside from Olga because she was derped due to negligence on the part of someone he put in charge of her temporary care. Her speech impediment and slow processing make her self conscious enough as is . It would be downright monstrous for the only living creature that showed her unconditional love to suddenly give her away. The situation with Jaingo was different because she required the same level of care as Odis, Jaingo had not yet formed a bond with him so the transition to being cared for by Zoey was seamless. Olga would spend the rest of her life thinking she did something wrong .

My mistake, everyone after jam except special needs fluffys

Start a different story and come back to this family when you have the energy to

Sounds like this dude could run a cosy rescue for disabled Fluffies with all those he’s collected! Get some crowdfunding and some patrons with a soft spot for disabled creatures and do it full time. Maybe even teaching them to acclimatise to other people and do therapy things for disabled people?

Like how dogs go to old folks homes and hospitals to provide the sick with some company and comfort. If you’re lost for ideas, that might be a nice direction to go. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the suggestion.