old man's plot 2 / By O5-6

after naming every fluffy, he started to think about where are those things going to sleep, he thought about the unused dog kennel that was next to the chicken coop, it was big enough for 10 fluffies and was in a 4x6 m fenced area, so they would have some space to wander around, but it was all dusty and full of weeds, but that would be no problem, he had a small army of plant eating pets.

“everyone come over here” said the man as he walked to the dog kennel “you’ll live there” some fluffies were already excited, doing small jumps and talking to each other “but first i will clean the dust and then everyone is going to take the weeds out, understood?”

“what am weeds?” said curiously a fluffy

“weeds are those bad, ugly plants that are over there” said the main pointing the surroundings of the future fluffy kennel

“twose awent weeds, twose am bad gwassie nummies” said another fluffy, he would have a hard time understanding them, but he started to understand them better, learning slowly their vocabulary

“yes, you’ll have to help me clean your house of those bad grassie nummies, now wait here while i get the leaf blower”

the fluffies patiently waited while the man got the leaf blower, he came back and entered the fluffy kennel, started up the machine and blowed most of the dust out.

“SCREEEEEEE bad noisie munstah, wun!” screamed a fluffy, startling the other ones, as soon as the man noticed this, he stopped and went to check his fluffies “what’s going on?” the man screamed and only a couple fluffies stopped to look at him, noticing that the “bad noisie munsta” wasn’t there anymore, the man “STOP AND COME HERE NOW” the man shouted in order to gain the attention of all the fluffies, some did ‘scaredy poopies and peepees’ and fearfully came back to him “what’s with all the screaming and running?”

“bad noisie muntah want to huwt hewd” exclamed an agitated fluffy, the man explained what the ‘munstah’ was, and told the fluffies that it wasn’t a ‘munstah’ just a machine, like many more, that only he was able to use, and wouldn’t do anything bad to the fluffies if he used them, he had to rephrase and broke it down a couple times in order to get them to understand, but when he started the leaf blower again, most just jumped because of the sudden sounds that the machine did, but everyone watched amazed how the man had a munstah that did wind and pushed everything that was in front of it.

the man stopped using the leaf blower and told the fluffies that now everyone is going to take the weeds out “buh fwuffy dont wan’ to num bad gwassie nummies” said a fluffy, the man had to explain them that they just need bite them and pull them out of the ground, then toss it out of the kennel, but they don’t need to eat the ‘bad grassie nummies’, relieved the fluffies started their slow, but steady work, after a couple hours they had finished their arduous task.

“fwuffy nu wan’ to wowk mowe” “fwuffy wan’ nummies an’ wawa” “fwuffy wan’ west” said the fluffies, the man took some apples from one of his trees, filled some bowls with water and brought them to the fluffies, he noticed that they pooped whenever they wanted “i will give you food and water now, but you NEED to poop over there” said the man pointing an area with soft dirt, that had nothing around “if you don’t poop over there, no one is going to get food or water, understood?” “yes daddeh” replied most fluffies, those that didn’t reply, nodded their heads in affirmation.

the man told the fluffies that they could rest until he called them again, and the fluffies went to explore their ‘nestie’ it was inside a fence, like the one that didn’t let them get out, but this one didn’t stab them, the dirt inside was a bit softer than in other areas, the ‘nestie’ in the center gave them a roof to sleep on, and shadow during all the day, though they seemed concerned about the lack of a wall, there was a metal chain link fence in its place, and there was ‘shiny stabby munstahs’ if they tried to climb too high on the fences that surrounded their kennel, they went to play and rest around that area, the ‘bwight sky liwt’ going farther and farther the more they played, and the ‘not so bwight sweepie time liwt’ ascended through the sky

the man finally came back with some blankets for the fluffies, and turned on the lights that were near the kennel, he gave the fluffies a bit more of food and water, told them that they were free to sleep now, and that he would come back tomorrow when he wakes up to see what they would to, the fluffies went to the kennel and started to make fluffpiles on top of the blankets to sleep comfortably, and most gently started to sleep, happy that they had a new daddeh, until…

a very loud “CA-CAW” came just in front of where they sleeped, followed by countless “Buck-Buck-Buck” that came nearer and nearer to them, until everyone saw the wingie-but-not-birdie munstah’s that stood in the other side of the fenced kennel “go ‘way stoopi’ wingie munstah, wet hewd get sweepies” said Blueberry, poofing his cheeks and standing in front of the herd, the chickens just growled at them and went inside the chicken coop, most fluffies barely sleeped, not a single fluffy slept well knowing that so near sleeped countless wingie munstahs.