On the phrase "Wan Die" (From: SqueakyFriend)

What does it mean to you?

It’s something I poked fun at with the story Little Mister Wanna-Die, but I’ve noticed a trend of fluffies going “wan die” for very little reason, like a mare losing her foals or a fluffy being bullied for its colors. In a way, it seems that it’s being used for general emotional anguish, like a less clunky “fwuffy wan fowevah sweepies”.

But the initial idea was that fluffies had an aversion to saying “die” or “death” (thus why they would use the much clunkier “fowevah sweepies” even when they know what the word “die” means), and only said “wan die” when so completely, utterly broken down mentally there was no fixing it. Like their version of “this hard drive has been corrupted and can no longer be read” (but more succinct).

So which definition do you use? Do you see a difference between saying “wan die” and going into the “wan die” loop (repeating it over and over like a mantra)? What are your thoughts on the other definition?


I follow the old canon.

In this story [graphic warning] a man accosts a fluffy for its inability to say certain words, and then gives him a cruel name for the irony.


I remember a story—can’t recall the name—where a foal had a bug that left him unable to say anything other than “wan die” regardless of his emotional state.


I go by fluffies only saying it if they are in/near the loop, or if they have been fundamentally broken in some way.


I think it needs to be remembered that “wan die” was initially the only thing fluffy ponies were depicted as saying in the original texts on 4chan until they started saying “wan pway”

I am hesitating to call anything “old canon” or even “canon” without some proof. The pre-Fall of Cleveland days were kinda chaotic

Wan Die Loop is, in my head cannon, a verbal cue that you broke the mind of the Fluffy. It can be reversed and the Fluffy will continue on, without the knowledge of the “crisis” it had endured to set up the Wan Die Loop.


Related to the question, it depends on the story. I have written a story where “wan die” is “encoded” into the fluffy programming, which follows the hivecanon but more often than not I’ve not been incorporating it since I find the programming canon rather problematic. Unless its a future setting where fluffies are actually programmed woth a neural implant (which Policefluffs tries to do) I just avoid having fluffies feeling suicidal since thats already a complex mental condition to be in.

If you know how to pinpoint edit dates on a wiki article, I’d like to learn as well. Otherwise, since the last activity update I could find was from 2017, I’m going to guess this list predates that year.

Fowevew Sweepies – Death. (forever sleep)

Wan die! – Please end my life./ I want to die.
A fluffy having lost the will to live.

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You don’t want your toddler learning about death from its retarded pig-hamster. It’s believed fluffies self-censor with euphemisms until they are mentally broken.


I’ll be honest with you @Reddit-Word_H83r - I tend not to trust the wiki because it was written by a few people and doesnt really account fir different headcanons and stories. (Not to mention it has pushed things like hunting friends) Something like wan die (and wan die loop) bugged me because the original usage of the term in text was as the only thing a fluffy would say. And yes, Ill have to provide the links in a bit.

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Yeah, I’d much rather in-house source conventions going forward, but some conventions just have precedence that people that were around long enough have picked up. It’d be nice to preserve them for others to pick and choose as they see fit.

Not to cut you down, as from a historical aspect it’s nice to preserve these details, but from a practical sense I am mostly concerned with what people could use right now as opposed to loads of context behind each decision.

Most of it comes down to 4chan thought it was funny anyhow.

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For my stories there is a difference between “wan die” and the Wan Die Loop.

Fluffy really don’t have any other way to tell their humans that they are depressed and them understand it other than using the phrase “wan die.” “Hab big saddies” or “heawt huwtie nu swop” would not be taken that seriously.

The Wan Die Loop is a full mental breakdown.


It’s overused at the drop of a hat nowadays to the point where the phrase has completely lost all impact.

Canon-wise, I feel like it would result from only the absolute worst a fluffy could be subjected to. A creature designed for love and happiness should cling tightly to hope IMO.

A fluffy wants to go on hugging, playing, singing, and rearing foals. That’s their whole purpose for living, and I’ve always felt like that compulsion should be extremely strong. Even deprived of their limbs, teeth, foals, etc. shouldn’t be enought to immediately break them.

The best fluffy abuse stories IMO are stories that erode a fluffy’s will to live over time, because it does takes time to do that. The payoff is that much better, and I feel like canonically it makes the most sense.

Lately you see fluffies saying “wan die” because of shit like having to eat kibble instead of sketties.


Well my Hc is out the state they say forever sleep or if their in the state they so suicidal like human apect of it, wan die, noting to live for, family all gone, forever lone, the little shits stop moving and some stop eating ir bang their head over and over if it gets really bad so they can killed their self.

I writing about fluffy that goes in wan die state and repetitive hit it head against the toy wooden block as it head caves in and all that left is a twitching body like a dead chicken as ut all unfold from the user watching the cams

For me, ‘wan die’ is the “system is down” signal. You have messed that creature up so badly that it wants to just end the suffering. Once it gets to that state, I think its doubtful that the fluffy is going to go back to regular function. It will probably just sit there in its own filth, sulking. I think that sometimes, it is used far too easily for relatively minor incidents. A mare can always have more foals, for instance.

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Eh, I’ve gotta disagree with that. It’s a bit too deterministic for my liking. It’s basically saying that fluffies are slaves to their bioprogramming. I prefer fluffies who can grow beyond the parameters set for them by Hasbio. But different strokes for different blokes, or, uh, blokettes?

On the “wan die” topic: the “wan die” loop is usually a sign that a fluffy has been thoroughly broken in my headcanon. But it can also happen if a fluffy is left alone for for long enough. At least, a fluffy who isn’t a slave to the hardwired desire for companionship, cough cough.

And fluffies in my HC can move past the inherent aversion to words of a deathly nature (or a profane nature, oh yes), so a fluffy saying “die” doesn’t necessarily mean they want to die. It might mean that they want someone else to die.

So the “wan die” thing isn’t really an expression of “general emotional anguish” in my headcanon, but, cards on the table, that’s mostly because I hadn’t thought of that. Definitely thinking about it now, though.

How is losing foals a “very little reason”? I mean yeah, a lot of mares just shrug off baby deaths, but a lot also get fucked up from them.

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Losing your children is traumatic to be sure, but it’s not generally “complete destruction of the mind and personality, forever left in an emotionless and catatonic state” level bad. Especially if the mare still has her mate around. There’s a middle ground between “doing okay” and “brain’s system32 is deleted”.

As for the few that mentioned the wan-die loop being inescapable feeling too much like programming … I mean, it doesn’t have to be? But a trauma so deep that the target ceases to function or withdraws into itself to the point it’s unrecognizable is going to be very hard to undo, even if you know what caused it to begin with, so it’s not wrong to generalize it as being impossible - in most cases, it would take too much time and resources to maybe fix.

For a slight shift of topic, it seems that most of you agree that “wan die” entails the complete destruction of self. So why do some fluffy pics/stories drop into wan-die so quickly?


True true