Open Commissions 2023———–Art by Inshi

Do you have something in mind? Commissions(4/5) are always open, just PM me or visit my Fluffycommunity profile.

Prices for fluffies comics---------------Illustration---------Comic
Lineart:------------------------------------------------5 $-----------------5$
Flat colors/shades or grayscale:--------------7 $-----------------7 $
Full color:--------------------------------------------10 $----------------10$

Each job includes:

  • Free sketch
  • 4 fluffies characters or 2 fluffies and 1 human character*
  • 1 simple background

  • 1 page , 1 to 6 panels.
    -If it is a text, a previous evaluation will be made to adjust the number of pages to the client’s taste.
  • Adaptation (idea or text) and distribution of panels.
  • 4 fluffies characters or 2 fluffies and 1 human character.
  • 1 simple background.

adaptation ,sketch & storyboard(texts):----5 $
extra human character:------10 $
extra fluffie character:---------5 $
complex scenario:-------------10 $
simple scenario:-----------------6 $

All boxes will be accepted (for fluffies)

  • NSFW is accepted in human characters
  • Human characters must not refer to real people or minors
  • The characters will be drawn full body depending on the illustration / comic

2000 x 2000px 300dpi


2000x3200px 300dpi

Payment method and inquiries by private message

Discord Innshiprion#5534

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I KNEW Santa was a fellow abuser!


Krampus CIause. :slight_smile:


Okay I REALLY love this. One image and it tells so much story. A++!


All we’re missing is a single tear running down the cheek if the new stuffy friend.

Although if I’m reading it right, the domestic got new eyes, maybe the toy can’t cry. They have no mouth and cannot scream.

How deliciously evil


Well. judging from what the fluffy is saying, he’s more of a natural box, taking and punishing the bad fluffies, and giving to the good, but let’s see if the “good” fully stays good, now it has it’s legs and eyes back.


What a beautiful gift :heart_eyes_cat:


glad they’re doing commissions again, can’t wait to see what they get commisioned to do


Liked just for the Grinch in Claus Clothes. The fluffies don’t know what they’re about to get.


So in your country, Santa has green fur & paints Its toeclaws?

This has been bugging me, imagine if there was a comic of that Krampus Christmas comic. The Nacht Before Christmas:
You got a 2 fluffy brothers, one naughty and one nice. One keeps bullying the other cuz he has no friends and is ugly for having no legs and no eyes. Then on Christmas eve the blue snuck downstairs to peek at his presence whilst his green pillow brother slept soundly. The blue brother saw a man wearing a red and white fuzzed suit holding a sack placing preasants under the tree. The Blue smarty barked orders at the stranger, demanding all the presents and none for his legless brother and threatened to give the man sorry poopies. The man reached down and picked the fluffy up by the scruff of his neck, the smarty lets out a SKREEE not wanting bad upsies, demanding to be put down and face-to-face with the hooded stranger and it sent chills down his spine. He had a long white beard, yellow unnatural eyes that burned with a fire brighter than any coal, two long arching horns protruded from his forehead and lastly from his grin he revealed rows of pointed teeth with a long crimson tongue. The fluffy let out another loud SKREEE crying monster as he let loose scardie poopies and pee-pees, he cried out for mummah and daddah and pillow brother to save him from the Munstah… but not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. He persisted and screamed then sniffled as he was trembling, snot running from his snout as tears ran from his eyes and cheeks “Pweeze put me down munstah?” He pleaded and the creature hissed with a grin “Nein! You are a bad fluffy… A naughty fluffy.” The blue smarty stammered as he tried to pull the words from his throat “B-but Blue am good fwuffeh, take dummeh bruffa, nu Blue!.” in a meek tone as those burning yellow eyes bared down on him, a clawed finger was placed on the Smarty’s lips as a serpentine shhhhh escaped the fanged maw of the monster and the he chuckled. “Nein… you are a very naughy fluffy… a good fluffy doesnt demand preasants, a good fluffy doesnt threaten with sorry poopies, a good fluffy does as they are told und a good fluffy doesn’t hurt their brothers… Do you know what I do to naughty fluffies?” Blue shook his head slowly in a fearful manner. The creature grinned wider and hissed “I take them to my Workshop…” he laughed a sickening laugh as he stuffed Blue in his brown sack and crawled up the chimney as muffled screams emanated from the back as the creature laughed in delight.
It was Christmas morning and Green woken up with a yawn and heard a voice which said “It is Christmas morning little fluffy, why not open your eyes to see the presant you have been given?” But the Fluffy felt sad because he didn’t have see places as they were sewn shut but he tried anyway and light poured into his field of view and focued to see the loving room adorned with Christmas decorations. In front of him next to the tree was a red cloaked man with a sack gave him a kind smile. “Very good…now walk over here and I’llgive you your presant” to ehich he wiggled his stumps ony to feel something move… he stood up on four legs and shakily walked over to the man in a red cloak almost like a baby dear on his new blue legs. The man knelt doen and pulled a toy from his sack, it was a stuffed toy that looked like a blue fluffy with glassy eyes, smiling with four beanbag hooves for legs “Here is a stuffed friend, he will be with you always and now you can give him big hugs and love.” The green fluufy beamed with joy as he smiled at the stranger and said “Fsnk ‘ou wed daddah fo’ nu weggies an’ places to see nu stuffed fwend, ou’ am dah bestes daddah ebah!”. The man smiled gently and petted the fluffy before the little one higged the limp toy “Gern geschehen little one, stay good and have a Merry Christmas.” The man said before climbing up the chimney leaving the young fluffy with his gifts with his brother nowhere in sight to harm him.

The End

Ho Ho Ho


Dude, you could totally flesh that out a bit and post it as a story on your page, 10/10

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Aww shucks thanks :blush:
It was rushed cuz didn’t want to lose the small bit of inspiration I had before irl stuff and was made before i knew the existance of the fluffy translator generator

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