Operation shattered mirror by (that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of [Redacted] report 3 by(that1hugboxer) and Ms Lindberg by (That1hugboxer)

You are Glitter a member of the newly founded Mercenary company COBRA .

You and your fellow fire team members have been tasked with infiltrating the looking glass complex via a tunnel system connected to an abandoned shopping mall on the outskirts of Harper valley Texas.

The fire team consists of

Rameses (TL) team leader

Orlok (R) rifleman

Stein (GR) Grenadier rifleman

Glitter (AR) Automatic rifleman

Together you make up Fire team Monster mash.

Rameses, Orlok and Stein are human bio toys modeled to look like a mummy , a vampire and Frankenstein’s monster respectively.

You however were modeled to look like a clown. The purpose for making a young woman look like a clown was one born of depravity. From head to toe your skin was tattooed white and red. Your hair follicles were genetically altered to produce gaudy neon red curly hair.

Even after escaping your creators , it was very difficult to have connections with your fellow human bio toys. They weren’t necessarily hateful towards you, it’s just hard to take someone seriously when they look like a clown . Rameses took you into the group with no questions asked. Despite your complete lack of experience, rameses and the other members of monster mash trained you over the course of 8 months in the way of the mercenary.

Now as you storm the tunnels underneath the mall you feel a sense of panic. No! not here! Not now! You push through the panic and refocus.

The fire team makes its way into the underground city.

You ready your S.A.W and lay down suppressive fire so that your teammates can get into position.

Stein blows the door of the testing facility off its hinges with a 40mm grenade fired from his rifles under barrel launcher.

Orlok watches steins 6.

Rameses covers your approach.

The team makes their way into the building.

Multiple floors and multiple breached doors later you come to a stairwell that leads further downwards into an absolutely colossal dimly lit open area, at its center is the titular Looking Glass of Oauida.
A 5 foot by 5 foot octagonal piece of uranium glass polished to an impossibly smooth mirror finish.

It is suspended in an ornate frame of coiling siderite tendrils inlaid with 10s of thousands of strange glyphs.

“Mother of Christ!!!”

Orlok shouts shining his flashlight behind the looking glass.

Illuminated for all to see is a 450 foot tall stone effigy crouching over the looking glass

The effigy is humanoid in the vaguest sense of the word, every inch of its body is covered in human and fluffy faces carved to display a wide variety of expressions and emotions as if its entire skin were one seamless sheet of faces stretched over its frame from head to toe.

Merely gazing upon its visage felt like an affront to God , as if you had broken a long forgotten 11th commandment .

Rameses contacts Drogat via coms.

“You seeing this ?!”

“Affirmative. Fire team Monster mash you are here by ordered to Disengage . Return to the city and await further orders.”

You return to the city as ordered and are given a new objective while a much larger group is sent down to the looking glass.

Your team is given a new objective. Rescue of bio toys both human and fluffy. And a secondary objective of
Clearing out Hasbio scientists from various buildings around the city. You and the rest of your team are given a resupply of munitions and sent on your way.

You make your way into the one of the production labs. On the way you pass A young man with a fluffy strapped to his chest like a baby, is escorted to the surface by Skip and an entire squad of commandos .

Inside you find Hasbio scientists huddled under desk or using the human bio toy slaves as shields.

One of the scientists a tall woman with a thick Columbian accent attempts to barter for the lives of her subordinates.

“Please. They won’t interfere with your work. Just let them Go . They have small children that need them.”

Ramses begins to speak in a gravelly Middle Eastern accent.

“Tell them to release their hostages and then we can talk.”

“You heard him! Release them!”

One of the scientists refuse. And begins arguing.

“Dr Hoyos you know what happens if we negotiate with them!”

Dr Hoyos punches the other scientist in the face causing him to release the hostage.

“I will not jeopardize the safety of everyone else just because you want to kiss corporate’s Ass Bob!”

Rameses approaches Dr Hoyos.

“You are Belmira Hoyos?”


Rameses sighs.

“That’s unfortunate.”

With one swift motion Rameses pulls his 10mm high point from its holster planting a round right in the meat of her right thigh.
A resounding [BANG] is heard as Dr Hoyos slumps to the ground clinging her bleeding leg

The rest of the scientists are gunned down by Rameses as well.

Stein makes the sign of the cross on his chest

Rameses holster his pistol with a seamless downward motion from the firing position.

Dr Hoyos is crying from the pain.

“W…why?! We did as you asked!”

Rameses puts his boot on Dr Hoyo’s wound.

“I thought I recognized you. Tell me do you remember us ?”

Dr Hoyos eyes widen with fear as she recognizes who Rameses, Orlok and Stein are.

“Mummy 032!?”

Rameses is pissed

“Don’t ever speak that designation again!!!”

Rameses stomps on her injured leg.

Dr Hoyos screams in agony.

Rameses crouches down next to Dr Hoyos.

“Where is she?!”


“Dr. Jessica Lindberg! Where is she?!!!”

“I ….I don’t know where she is.”

“I guess I’ll have to jog your memory.”

Rameses grabs her by the hair and drags her over to an operating table where he straps her down.

You recognize the machine above her . It’s the same kind of machine that altered your appearance.

Dr. Hoyos pleads with Rameses.

“I’ll give you whatever you want! Just don’t do this!”

Ramsese looks at Dr Hoyos.

“Aside from Dr Lindbergs location, what could you possibly have to offer me?”

Dr Hoyos raises the pitch of her voice slightly trying to sound Cute.

“I have this lab assistant upstairs. She’s all yours if you let me G…”

Her sentence is cut short by Stein’s massive clenched fist slamming into the operating table less than an inch from her head.

“If you ever suggest something so vile again I will tear you apart piece by piece like Fufu. “

Stein lifts his fist from the table revealing an inch deep dent in the table.

“Are we clear?”

Dr Hoyos nods nervously.

Rameses asks Dr Hoyos once again for the location of Jessica Lindberg.

“The Last time I saw her, security was escorting her to the Lavender Lotus !”

You recognize that name all too well. And angrily start questioning her yourself.

“ how long ago was this!?”

Dr Hoyos starts trembling .

“Answer the question!”

“It’s been nearly a decade!”

Your face turns pale.

Rameses looks at you concerned.

“Glitter…What exactly is the Lavender Lotus?”

“It’s where they take the ……non compliant’s to break them in.”

Rameses turns to Dr Hoyos.

“Hey Glitter! Come here for a moment.”

Rameses gives you control of the machine.

“From your perspective , of the available options which do you think would be the worst combination to have for a young woman being sent to the Lavender Lotus?”

You the select the configuration that you believe would make her life a living Hell and start the automated surgery.

Even though she’s a Hasbio scientist you can’t help but feel some form of pity for her given what you witnessed during your time there.

The process has been expedited due to impeachments made over the past couple of years. What once took 2 hours now takes 3 minutes.

Once the agonizing procedure is done Rameses unhooks Dr Hoyos and uses her as a human shield during the raid on the Lavender Lotus.

It’s far worse than you remember. Most of the people didn’t even attempt to run away, instead charging towards you bare ass naked like rabid dogs.

Stein is so appalled by what he sees that he refuses to waist ammo killing the scientist attendees and instead beats them to death with the butt of his rifle.

Orlok attaches his bayonet and begins using his rifle as a spear.

But by far Rameses was the most brutal of all pushing Dr Hoyos into the oncoming horde as live bait.
Killing each one off execution style with his high point 10mm pistol before pulling Dr Hoyos to her feet to repeat the process.

You had no such luxury and instead used your S.A.W set to semi auto for ammo conservation.

In the end aside from fire team Monster mash and Dr Hoyos, only the owner and the “escorts” (both human and biotoy) remained.

Dr Hoyos was in exactly the kind of shape you would expect.

Stein was put in charge of Dr Hoyos while Rameses interrogated the owner.

“I’m gonna make this simple. You bring me Jessica Lindberg and I don’t Kill you via Bloody eagle.”

The owner complies without a moment’s hesitation.

“I’m assuming you are referring to Itsie ? Unfortunately she expir…. Passed away about 6 year ago. We did however send her DNA off to have a Bim-Bio made . She’s still Got a few years before she hits puberty but that hasn’t stopped little Mirage from being a popular choice for reservations. I’ll bring her out if you want.”

Rameses nods.

Mirage is one of the most pitiable creatures you’ve ever seen. Those cold lifeless eyes have seen countless horrible things even at her young age. As she held on to Rameses hand her entire body began to shake in fear though her facial expression remained blank .

Rameses has you cover her eyes while he removes his uniform shirt and tank top beneath it before putting his uniform shirt back on.

He then puts the tank top on her to cover her naked body.

“Glitter, Orlok , stein I need you to take her outside while I “chat” with the owner.”

You do as Rameses asks.

While Outside you hear the sound of two gunshots coming from inside the Lavender Lotus.

Moments later Rameses emerges from the building .

“Someone is coming to take her back to base.”

Rameses kneels down to meet mirage at eye level.

“Hey. some nice ladies are coming to take you somewhere safe. They’ll get some food and clothes. You can trust them.”

She doesn’t even blink.

As she’s escorted to the surface you see Rameses smile for the first since you officially joined the team.

“Alright everyone back to the task at hand! We have orders to rendezvous at the fluffy distribution cen….”

Suddenly a bellowing shriek echoes across the underground city.

Rameses checks his coms
“Drogat! Status report!”

“Fall back to the surface ASAP !!!”

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“Itsie”. A name like that doesn’t bode well.

Poor Mirage. :frowning:

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Rameses can’t undo the trauma that mirage went through. But you can be damned sure he won’t let anything happen to her moving forward.

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…thank you for including fluffy imagery in this one.

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If these stories aren’t your cup of tea that’s fine.

I will have stories with more traditional fluffy related content in the future. But for a little while I’m going to explore how far the concept of bio toys can be pushed


Will the Fluffotaurs be involved?


The Hasbiotaurs will indeed play a role

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