Palette themed Fluffies (Palette Ponies) RoseTea

I decided to test my coloring abilities by going online, generating a random color palette, and drawing a fluffy with ONLY those colors. Using the first palette it gives me. Here are my results!

I was super excited, thinking I would get cute pastels, maybe make a pink themed fluffy, or a blue shaded one… what was I offered first?

…Great! Gotta make a “Poopie color” theme look good. How am earth am I supposed to do this?

Well, that yellow is kinda nice…

I also used some settings to play with the colors some, like the opacity, glow effects, overlay… And that was defiantly a life saver.

It also made me realize how few fluffies with colors other than peach, breasts there are. But anyway, she’s not the prettiest alicorn ever, but I still like how she came out, given my color options…

Next, this fluffy reminds me of the type to belong to a rich person or something, kinda gives me even a “Prince” vibe. Must be that jawline lol.

Also, I adore his bright shiny hair lol.

Next fella, I adore how his eyes came out, they’re probably my favorite eyes so far. The colors luckily, worked real well together!

Final baby here, I did as a chibi/babbeh style. I think she came out okay, her hair could have been better though. Really gives a fire like tone, like a Charmander but… fluffy lol.

Aight, that’s all. Next, aesthetic themed! Expect that eventually lol. Because god forbid I actually work on my story, for whatever reason my brain doesn’t wanna cooperate rn oof.


all of these are amazing!
great job :heart:


Oooh i like this idea. Great job working with the palettes you got.

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That’s such a fun idea! The first and last were my favorites! <3

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