Pardon Ramon's French (Federalchemical1728)


crossposting from reddit non-sequentially bc im too fuckin excited to show off this whole ass comic UwU

Ramon speaks almost perfect french bc i dont have the brainpower to apply fluffspeak to the french language. He also speaks “english” with an accent.


Oh joy! The king of ass-lickers.

You use your mouth like a diarrhea pump.

Whore! Shit!

Everyone knows you just let Captain fuck you in the ass.


Love for Ramon multiply *2


This art makes me very fucking happy


This comment makes me very fucking happy :heart:

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Amazing pencil paneling here :heart_eyes:

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Where can I find these OCs and art I need more of yer pirates


Super hot comic art. You’ve been doing this for a while.

Wonderfully charismatic visuals.


Gorgeous art, very dynamic

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thank you!!!
i tried to do as little digital editing as possible to challenge myself :smiling_imp:

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i dont think ive really posted the pirates anywhere and im terrible at posting on any one site consistently, but ive got a lot of my characters on toyhouse ;w; datemate on Toyhouse


thank you!! ive never had someone call my art “charismatic” before! :flushed:

to tell you the truth, i havent actually drawn a comic with panels in years lmao


You’ve designed your characters with a clear focus on charm and expression, so I felt charismatic was a good word for it.

Your panel layout is playful and centered on the reader more than the action or the story. That also feels charismatic to me. A bit flirty and seductive.

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And you have a big focus on putting faces in front of the reader.

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Ye I know, I found your toyhouse before :smiley: but I need more butt pirates. I love your ocs, but these are my favs! (after greg of course)

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Jeez Ramon-

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I’m ignoring your AN, and headcannoning that French was loaded, but not yet altered for childishness at time of forced released. Thus all fluffs could be potentially flipped to speak fluent french perfectly, but only under certain conditions. They also can universally and inherently understand french as well as they do English. This doesn’t make them smarter, just very articulate.

Edit: The art is really fantastic honestly.