Part Of The Scenery: By Stwumpo

The art here is from DALL-E, which seems to be pretty fucking limited in its ability to generate fluffy art. I tried to get it to make a pillow, but every time I said “no legs” or “remove the legs” or “the small fat sad horse should have no legs” it just made it shorter and chubbier.

Anyway here is the story.

“Pwease hewp! Nu can moob!”

Echoing from the center of the swamp, the cries of a fluffy barely cut through the many frogs and insects filling the night with their song.

Crystaballerina was so tired. She had been walking for days when she found this icky water, and even though it slaked her thirst and even had gross grassy nummies in it, she had to keep going deeper and deeper since the nummies were so thin.

Now she was stuck.

She’d gone too far in and her front weggies sank into the mud. The suction was such that she couldn’t quite remove them. Worse, she’d now buried her back legs struggling to free herself.

“Huhuhuhuhuuuuu, Kwistbabbawino miss mummah, miss wawm howsie. Wish nebba wun way…” Her home had been so nice. So comfortable. She didn’t want to leave, not forever! She just saw such pretty birdies in the park down the street, and she just KNEW mummah wouldn’t be home before they flew away! She was just going to pop over to the park real quick and come straight back. By the time she squeezed through the Smarty Hole in the fence, the one mummah forgot to fix, she could already hear the pretty birdies honking! Oh no! They do that when they’re about to leave!

“Nu! Wait fow Kissybewwaweena! Wan gib huggies su biwdies fwy betta! Wan hewp nyu biwdie fwens!” She plomped her fat little weggies along as she waddled down the sidewalk. After about a minute, she arrived at the geese. Mummah always made her keep away from the birds, but the birds always made huggie flaps at her! They’d honk, then mummah would throw bread to them.

Not today. Today she was going to finally help the nice birdies. Today she was going to give bestest huggies, fulfilling her purpose as a Fluffy.

Things went wrong almost immediately. As she approached the flock of geese, closer than mummah had allowed her ever before, it became clear that they were not in fact trying to hug her.

The geese began pecking her and chasing her from all sides. Their bleating honks and flapping wings disoriented and terrified poor Crystaballerina. “Huhuhuhuhu biwdie fwens nu wan huggies? Nu wub Kwissabebba nu mow? Wai gib huwties? Wai make woud noisies! Haftu wun way!” She toddled her way through the park, not noting which direction she’d gone, just trying desperately to escape her pursuers. She closed her eyes and ran, ran through the tears and the babbling and the scaredy peepees and poopies she left in her trail.

When she opened her eyes, she was in the bog. She couldn’t find her way out. “Huuuu tuu scawy fow wook wound, haftu stay whewe can see ebbyting!” The thick fog in the bog combined with the high grass made visibility poor on a good day, so Crystaballerina hunkered down and slept.

Two days later, she discovered the wawa nummies.

Within a few hours, she was stuck in the mud.

She wakes up in a daze, she’d been dreaming of the events which brought her to this predicament. Every time she tries to struggle free, she feels herself sink a little deeper. Get a little more stuck. Her poopie place is under the surface now. She makes scaredy poopies, but she can feel that they didn’t all come out. “Huuuuhuhuhu nuuuu poopie pwace nu can be tiwed tuu! Haftu get widda poopies fow gud Kissybubby! Nu wan keep summa da poopies inside! Nu feew pwetty!” She had to push hard to overcome the increased pressure from being stuck in the bog, especially since fluffy shit isn’t all that firm. She was cutting mud with water at low pressure.

In front of her she could see a frog, seated on a lilypad. It was staring into her tear filled eyes, inflating and deflating its throat as it croaked. "Peez nice fwoggy, haftu hewp gud fwaaaaffy! Haftu hewp gud Kwistobebbaweenie! Nu can moob! Nu can eben wiggwe ow jus get mow stuckies!" The frog stared blankly at her before leaping to her head. "Fwoggy wan wide? Huhuhuhu su sowwy fwoggy fwen, nu can gib gud widies! Nu can wawk ow wun ow cwaw wike wittwe babbeh. Hab tu be stuckies in meanie bawg aww time nao!" While she explained her situation, she heard a sound.


“Huh? Wat dat? Hu dewe?”


“Huuuu su wowd, tu scawy!”


With that, a huge toad leapt into view. It ignored the lilypad and went with a floating piece of wood instead. It was probably seven times the size of the frog on Chrystaballerina’s head, and with one more “k-kroak” and a mighty leap, it was atop her. It swallowed the first frog, then settled in on top of her head.

“Screeee! Huhuhuhuhuh fwoggy fwen nu mow, nao onwy hab meanie towdy munstah! Nu wan hab ugwy towdy on pwetty gwass!” Her cheeks puffed out. “Gu way, ow get bigges owwies fwum Kwissybeb-”

She was cut off by the arrival of a second, female toad. The added weight was too much for her tired weak neck, and her snout went under the water. The toads, seeking a moist environment, moved down her face toward the end of her snout, forcing it even further down and submerging her nostrils.

The first toad mounted the new toad, and they began to copulate.

Chrystaballerina struggled. She wriggled and wiggled and squirmed and even attempted to thrash. All she did was lower herself slightly. The last thing she saw before she passed out was two toads, on her nose, fucking each others brains out while the fluffy they fucked on suffocated and her lungs filled with Bog Juice.


Tgats actually a good looking fluffy.


I do genuinely want to stick pushpins in it yeah


Great story. I like the running joke of her not being able to pronounce her own overly-complicated name. Good work on the AI art too!


The AI art is not half bad! And yes, I think anyone would have trouble trying to pronounce Chrysanthemumbilbobaggins’s name!

To be fair, the work was “show me a fat horse with short legs partially submerged in a bog. The horse should be crying. The horse should be green with a light pink mane.”

“Make it chubbier”

“Make it chubbier”

“Make it photrealistic.”

Done. Not exactly rocket science.


Granted but I’m used to so many AI art abominations, even just regarding fluffy ponies. The fact that it turned out like this is pretty good.
If I had to be critical I’d say it should be a lot fluffier, it looks like the kind of fuzzy coat a real horse (or ‘pony’, I guess) would have.

Yeah I was able to get this:

And then I was like “give it a baby” and got this:

So I can’t really say it felt like I was an active participant so much as a guy searching through stock photos.


Man, that needs a 3D texture made for it…
Also, that poor robot being made to draw that abomination against real horses. :smiley:

Crystal Ballerina <— She can’t even say the entire name in her head.

Dumb thing is going to hang itself in the rain.

I don’t know why it’s bothering to call for help, nobody’s gonna give two shits about ANYTHING it says. Just fucking drown in your bowl or whatever, fuck.

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Hmm, I’m gonna be honest, I might have wondered about how the fluffy understood the difference between frogs and toads, and I enjoyed some of the employment of idiocy in the prose… but the story wasn’t really helped by the picture. Generally I can imagine fluffy ponies as cute enough to evoke sympathy, so I give a damn when bad things happen to them. I don’t just go, “Yuck, I hope it dies soon.” But this time, that was what was in my head from the jump.

These AI things are just horrible photocomposites of real animals and toys, so they fall right into an uncanny valley where I don’t give a shit about anything happening to them; they are gross. Ironically, it’s too fake for fluffy pony.


Fuck it’s a fluffapotomus.


Noooooo :sob: Need to save and hug them!!

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A fluffy getting stuck in a bog is a great concept,and one I haven’t seen used before. I kind of feel sad for her,she just wanted to hug the geese,haha.

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