Party Foal Preparation [The_Agony_Presence]

Chirpies and foals are my favorite to watch when done right. Amazing job.

Good thing I found this comic here! I needed to praise how amazing it is! I think this was one of the comics that made my love for abused mummahs and foals cement deep into my mind. I just love how the pillow(or half pillow) mummah, despite being through excruciating labor looks so happy and starts singing to her chirpy babies but the moment she gets taken away from her foals and gets so sad?? I lord, I loved it! the meek and puny protest she makes, how she tells the breeders that babbehs nee miwkies an snuggies fwom mummah! oh god… I seriously love it when mummahs go through that kidn of suffering, physical abuse on fluffy mummahs is my favorite but the psychological and verbal abuse on them is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Needless to say the foal process is my favorite too! from the expelling to the sealing and attaching the stanmding brackets. Damn those adorable chirping party foals look so cute. Wish I could smash them one by one with a hammer, hahaha.


I love how the chirpies are pissing and shitting as soon as they fall out of their mummah.

The most interesting part to me is that despite the pain of having his gut squeezed, his ass and dick hotglued shut, and spikes shoved into his hooves, he still eagerly goes for the milk.
And the other two happily hugging despite having already gone through the same trauma.


Glad you liked you liked. I also enjoy the mummah’s suffering, afterall, they are the ones who birth more little fluffy bastards, so its only appropriate that they suffer the most.


Seems like a bad idea to have the mare hoisted up so high during birth. Just saying, you risk losing more foals (and money) that way. It’s not like she can run away.