"Party Foals" (by RQ)

I don’t know. I was hoping the mods would transfer it over to her archive.

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and i did


Oh, good classic RQ!
I remember this one from the old booru.

Anyway, fluffy sanitizer or not there is no power on earth, I would eat that cake. Gosh, I would not even if I found a mouse on it, not even a shit-rat.
I have a theory it is only a symbolic plastic cake for abuser parties or something.

People in fluffyverse are fairly dumb anyway, as users have observed at various points. Gotta say the sound of what is effectively a screaming child is a headache at parties at the best of times though.

I love watching the suffering of the first two pillow fluffies, how one is getting scolding hot wax on it’s head and the other is begging the nyu mummah to let them go. It’s adorable and awesome.
And also love their end, that fluffy with the head covered in wax. Splendid.

“Am onwy wittow babbeh” and “Dey jus gib babbeh owies an heat huwties”. God, I love those phrases so fucking much.

Good lord, pillowing fluffy foals and then use them as party foals, it’s such an awesome idea!
And it’s getting better and better! Love the fact that the innocence of a fluffy just blind them from the abuse, whomever wrote this comic is a genius!

DAMN! I wish I could see the mares watching their foals suffer in pain without being able to help them. I bet they would be so shocked that they would bash their heads against the monitors thinking it’s a window to help their babies.

Reddit links be like :white_flag:
I’ll provide fixed links in a bit I guess…

https://i.imgur.com/nbc3xrq.png I find another source but it’s ImgUr. XD
https://i.imgur.com/rHj5Cf5.png Again.

Took part in a demonstration against Net censorship legislation once.
It was interrupted by a Justin Bieber support demonstration.
No particular reason. Just wanted to show their appreciation of the cocky young Canadian. Had considerably more participants, too.
Really brought home the value of ones hard-won democratic right of peaceful assembly.