Peculiar situation || Commissioned by Shadow509 (Dragonixa)

As a break from GoreTober I decided to tackle one of the projects I had piled up before I even started the challenge, so I hope you enjoy that as a change of pace ^^

Thank you once again @Shadow509 for commissioning me, you never fail to amaze me with your great abuse ideas OwO

Also, as a side-note - Carrot comics are going to be back soon, so buckle up! New characters coming as well as all kinds of shenanigans ;3

Wub you! :heart:
Nixy UwU


Green foal is as good as dead since the fear of being dunked in water may kill it well before actual drowning occurs.


Yay,more Carrot soon <3


Ooh, I remember this situation from an older pic/comic! Can’t remember which one though.


Hey Nix.
Is it ok if I include Carrot in a piece I thought about making?

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Absolutely! Go ahead, I love to see character cameos, no matter if the character is mine or someone else’s :smiley:

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Knowing fluffy intelligence, most probably both of the foals are dead in this scenario lol

Both foals and the mother as well.

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Yup! Pretty much hahah