Peeler slide ride (by:Tyndalo8825)


I remembered that as a child if the slides in public parks were not maintained, you could suffer an injury with the sheet.


Ouch! It was painful to watch by itself, now you mention THOSE slides it hurts even more, how can anyone forget those briming hot metal slides or the rough cement ones you needed a cardboard to ride without injuries. Good times.


If they were good times hahaha worse was to go to noon in summer and wearing shorts :rofl:

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Oof! You’ll come with one side’s meat exposed and medium rare for sure xD

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Foals on a mandolin slicer…


Coming soon! Peeler slide cheese grater edition!

A peeler requires a source of pressure to peel (cheese, or foals)–gravity alone wouldn’t pull the foal past the grates with enough energy to peel pieces off. Either the foal would get stuck, or, more likely, it would simply walk / slide over the grates. Cheese won’t grate itself.


I know but there is no point in looking for so much logic to the fluffys, are only to have fun with their misfortune no matter how strange or ridiculous the situation may be.

Taking my posts seriously ruins the joke. Oh well.

I remember slides like that. And they got so hot in the summer too!

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Set up some cheese wire at the bottom. When the foal slides down, SLICE!

You could have all kinds of fun figuring out how tall the slide needs to be for the foal to be going fast enough to make a clean cut.

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I thought they were somehow sliding down a laser at first.

would there be anything left by the end of the slide?


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