perpetuity, pt 5, by Grim

Chell zoomed along behind ‘mummah’ the taxidermied fluffy, and from little whiffs and wafts caught now and then, she could tell that the fluffy had been a mummah… once. It smelled like a mummah, but somehow wrong. However, that was not what Chell focused on.

Chell was staring in awe at the massive facility she was flying past. Thousands of various fluffy-sized cages lined the walls, both at her level and as far as she could see above and below her… Many of them were empty and dark. Most were dark and had what she identified as sleeping fluffies, seemingly with a layer of dust on them. Others still were lit up and had awake fluffies in them. Chell’s voice was still scared and still hiding from ‘mummah’, or she would have tried to say hi to the awake fluffies.

Before long Chell felt like she was slipping. A moment later she realized that she was being held by the grabber that had dropped the foal in front of her, and the grabber was still slick with birth fluid from the foal, and now with Chell’s tears and snot added, it was losing hold of her. On realizing this, she gave an involuntary twitch and that was enough to slide out of the grabber, which closed and pushed her out backwards.

Chell fell for around five seconds, but she would have sworn it was forever. Above her ‘mummah’ and the grabber took a sharp left turn just after Chell had been dropped, seemingly having not noticed that Chell was not with them. For her part Chell clutched her blanket in free fall. This wasn’t the good, safe, warm floaties she remembered, and no matter how hard her tiny wings buzzed, she was unable to turn the bad floaties into good floaties before she hit something surprisingly soft and bounced.

Instinct had Chell tuck even harder into the fetal position, her face jammed into her blue blanket as she first bounced several times and eventually rolled to a stop. Once her head stopped spinning, Chell vomited before looking around.

Green. She was in a large field of green stuff. Chell prodded the green stuff underneath her with a hoof and found it was soft and a little springy. She managed to stand up before realizing how very hungry she was. Experimentally, she took a nibble of the green stuff. Much to her surprise, it didn’t taste awful; it wasn’t milk, but it was much better than the tummy owwies Chell was starting to feel. After having her fill, Chell looked around again.

To one side Chell saw that she wasn’t far from a wall painted with rainbows, stars, fluffies, and other child/fluffy friendly things with what looked like the entrance to a tunnel in the middle of the nearest rainbow. Seeing as how Chell had just eaten her first solid meal, despite it being genetically modified moss designed to be eaten by newborn and adult fluffies alike, she still felt like a big fluffy now, and something inside her told her that big fluffies went 'sploring!

Armed with her trusty blue blanket, Chell went off towards the wall, and before long she was stepping onto a cold metal floor and heading into the tunnel. Inside the tunnel it was chilly and there was a constant gentle breeze, and when she stopped to listen, Chell was certain that she could hear a mummah song.

“GASP! Cheww fowgot ‘bout mummah! Cheww gon’ fin’ yu mummah! Cheww comin’” Chell shouted as she took off as quickly as her stubby legs could carry her.

After dashing forwards for many forevers, Chell came to an intersection. To her left there was the sound of fluffies screaming in agony, and in the distance she could see orange and red reflections on the walls. In front of her was another big area of the soft green stuff, and to her right she could hear the mummah song much more clearly.

While it was a difficult decision, she ended up walking away from the sounds of doomed fluffies, instead opting to head towards the mummah songs after briefly gorging herself on the soft moss yet again.

After even more forevers and coming across even more green nummies, Chell came to where the mummah song was coming from. Looking down from the walkway she was on, Chell saw rows and rows and rows of fluffies. Each one had something attached to their face and another thing on their butt and each teat. None of the fluffies had legs, even though most of them squirmed like they were trying to use their legs. Chell could also see that many of the fluffies were pregnant.

“Dat a wot ob mummahs, bu’ nu am Cheww mummah, Cheww mummah nu su dummeh tu be stuckies on waww fwuffy,” She said before turning and continuing on her way. Many of the milk bags heard her, but one of them cried much harder than the others at hearing her voice.

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