Perth Just Being Sparkly (by Newb_ronswek)



I really like your style, thanks for being such a big contributor to the community.


Why does this feel like a gif I would have had on my MySpace account as a tween.

perth had a glow up

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Newb, in your headcannon are there any negative health effects from being around sparkly fluffies? For example, insomnia, vision impariment, increased risk of cancer due to high electromagnetic radiation, etc.

“Electromagnetic”? It’s not sparkly as in “spark” but sparkly as in “sparkle”. Maybe I should have spelled it sparklie? My browser gives that one the incorrect spelling underline though…

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Don’t worry, “sparkly” is the right word. If it was spark-related, it’d be “sparky”.

But if you’re worried about misunderstandings, maybe you could call it “glittery” instead?

Wonder if it runs on batteries.

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I was just wondering. It looks like he is giving off his own light instead of reflecting anything.


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A shiny Perth has appeared!