Pick on Someone Your Own Size, a Chad Thundercock Story (EzPete)

A continuation of the Chad Thundercockverse

Last time Chad Gets a Date

Marty was a brave little yellow earthy colt. He was this litter’s bestest and named after the FluffMart his mummah came from, in the hopes a nice mummah or daddeh would adopt her again alongside her foals. She had the perfect litter, a full rainbow spread of six foals from red to purple.

Life was a good as it could be for such a pitiful family of pitiful beings in their pitiful alley. When he first opened his eyes, he was met by the sight of his dead and rotting father, crushed by, as mummah put it, a dummeh meanie mare that fell from the sky. Not long after, a meanie human threw daddeh and the dummeh mare in the dumpster.

Marty loved play fighting with his siblings in the alley they called home. He never got too rough with them since he loved them dearly. Still, he was rather strong and energetic and spent his time kicking the soggy cardboard boxes that piled up by the dumpster. If he was strong enough, he could protect his family from the dummeh mares that fell from the sky.

Sometimes at night, squeaky monsters would come and try to nibble on mummah or his bwuddahs and sistuhs but he always chased them off. He could never catch up to give them sorry hoofs, but he knew he totally could.

One day while wrestling with his green earthy brother at the end of the alley and begging passerby’s for nummies a nice-looking man stopped to greet them. “Hello little guys, where’s your mommy?”

Marty stood up and puffed himself up excitedly, “Mummah am sweepin tu make mowe miwkies fow gud bebbeh! Niwce Mistah hab nummies fow bestes bebbehs tu gib mummah?”

He chuckled, “I have something even better, can you show me where your mommy is?” He already knew, but it was good to engage foals socially with tasks and he wanted them all together without them trying to fight against getting picked up. He could see the rest of the litter down the alley tumbling in and out of the box as they played and walked slowly behind Marty and his brother as they galloped at a breakneck 1/2 miles per hour down the street.

“Mummah Mummah! Wakies! Mawty fiwn niwce Mistah! He hab something bettah den nummies!” Mummah’s eyes shot opened as she rolled over. She had only be in a vigilant half state of sleep, a special rest state they had been engineered to have to rest between play times with human owners that managed to keep litters of foals from driving mares to death by exhaustion.

“Bettew den nummies!?” She blurted looking around with excitement. “Skettis? Bebbehs? Spechow fwen!?” She listed all the things that were bestest to her before locking eyes with the nice man. “Hewwo niwce Mistah! Be nyu daddeh fow mummah an bebbehs an gib da bestes nummies?”

“I don’t know… I only take good fluffies.” He chided her.

“Wiwwy am gud mummah an habe da bestes babbehs!!” Lily exclaimed.

The man kneeled before her. “Lily huh? I think I saw a poster for a runaway named Lily. Good fluffies don’t run away from their nice owners to make babies. Where’s your special friend anyway? Can’t your special friend bring you nummies?”

Lily’s eyes darted around, and sadness washed over her as his accusations hit their mark and the plight of her situation was brough front and center. “Spechow fwen am gu foweba sweepies when dummeh mawe faww fwom sky pwace an gib wowstest huwties…. huu”

“That’s preposterous! Fluffies don’t just fall out of the sky!” They do, and he was the one who dropped her from his apartment window. It was a risky strategy to wait but Chad preferred tormenting talkie foals to chirpies. “If you are going to lie to me then I guess I won’t give you the surprise I had!” He stood and began to walk away.

“Nuu weab nyu daddeh!” Marty and the other foals began to chirp, chasing after him as Lily cried too. “Nu am wie, am twoo! Wiwwy pwomise!” Chad stopped and turned around, sighing heavily as he did.

“Fine, I guess you win. Let’s get you to your new home!” He titled over the box she was in, relatively fresh and not the one she gave birth it. The foals were collected with her and carried up to his apartment.

Set on the kitchen floor, he tilted the box over and let the fluffies spill out all over the floor. They quickly scattered around, chirping with happiness as they took in how nice their new daddeh’s house smelled compared to the dumpster.

Marty was quick to track the smell of nummies and came up to a a bowl of kibble, eating it without asking for permission. The sound of muffled huhus distracted him. He looked up and found himself face for face with a shaved pillowfluff, cheeks soaked with tears, and mouth tongueless and agape trying to tell Marty and the others to run.

SKREEEE “Munstah!” Marty backpedaled briefly as the other foals took notice and started crying and pooping in fear. Marty realized that his siblings were in danger and ran back forward. He raised his front hooves and began to pummel Champ in the face.

Chad reached down and pulled Marty back, as his hooves swung wildly through the air. “Calm down bud. That’s just Champ. He lost his legs and had dirty fluff that needed to be shaved. Now apologize.”

Marty calmed down as he recognized the features of a fluffy face on champ despite his flufflessness. He felt a bit guilty now, he hadn’t meant to beat up a fluffy. He looked down to avoid eye contact. “Mawty am sowwy fow gib nyu fwen sowwy hoofsies!” He waited for champ to Champ to forgive him which didn’t come. “Nyu fowgib Mawty?”

Chad interrupted, “I think you scared him; he might not forgive you immediately.” Lily watched this and walked over to hug Marty, trying to cheer him up.

“Am otay, am gud bebbeh! Pwotec bwuddahs an sistahs wike a gud tuffeh bebbeh! Bebbeh desewb gud dingy fow bein gud bebbah!” She though for a moment about what she cound give him. They had left all their garbage toys in the alley in all their excitement. He couldn’t eat treats or skettis yet so she couldn’t ask daddeh for those either.

“Daddeh am say he hab sumtin bettah den nummies?” She got up on her back legs and looked up at Chad with wide watery pouting eyes.

“That’s right! The bestest thing!” He almost yelled back at her before standing still and just smiling at her.

About 30 seconds passed before Lily realized nothing was happening “Ummm, scuze meh daddeh?” The piercing of his wide eyes and silent smile made her uncomfortable. “Wuh am dah bestest ting?”

He blinked twice. “That’s easy! Forever Sleepies!” he replied before cocking his leg back and swinging it into her gut.

SCREE- she cried as the wind was knocked from her and she flew into a cabinet door.

She began twitching helplessly as she tried to suck in air and scream simultaneously.

Chad raised his shoes above an orange pegasus filly to crush her. Marty dived after her and grabbed her tail pulling her to safety as Chad’s foot slowly descended. “Owies!” she cried.

The green colt had started hugging Chad’s other leg with a stream of poopies leaking from his behind. “Pwease daddeh! Bebbehs wub daddeh! Nu gib wowstest huwties!” Chad lifted his foot with the green one holding on for dear life as he looked down. “Bad uppies!” He plucked the foal from his pant leg and grabbed it by its front two legs.

Holding the colt in front of his face, he began pulling his legs in opposite directions. He scree’d in terror and pain as every fiber and tendon in his legs ruptured. Scaredy poops continued to drip from his behind. With a sudden snap and release of pressure, both legs came off simultaneously and he fell to the floor, landing unceremoniously in his poopies followed by Chad dropping his legs next to him.

“Bwuddah! Nuu!” The purple earthy filly cried out running over to hug her dying brother. Rasping and choking on blood as she tried to hug his legs back on. She did not notice the shoe coming to knock her sideways. She tumbled over dramatically and only managed to look up to see the heel descent on her skull.

Chad applied pressure slowly, forcing her face into the liquid shit of her brother. skreeeeeeeeeeeeeee-crack Looking down, he saw the remaining four foals pissing themselves in terror. He walked towards the royal blue unicorn filly now, she shook frozen in fear until he was almost on top of her before whipping around to sprint away. Not looking she ran head first into the table leg with her horn. The stumbled for a moment before her rear voided like a squirt gun and she flopped over.

Instantly self derped and limp on the ground. Chad reached down and plucked her up. There was no more point in torturing her except to torment the others. He grabbed her head in one hand and torso in the other. tap tap tap

He looked down. A trembling Marty was kicking his shoe. “Munstah daddeh! Take wowstest sowwy hoofsies! Gib sisseh back tu Mawty!” It was so weak it didn’t even tickle. He began twisting slowly and the pain began to stir the derped pegasus.

cheepcheepcheep**cheep she cried out. Marty was so desperate to save her that he began to hit harder and harder. His hooves were on fire as his muscles were pushed to the limit.

Crack he felt agony in his leg as the bone shattered. Screee “Wowstest huwties!” He cried, falling back, and hugging his broken leg. He looked up through watery eyes and saw his sister in the monster daddy’s hands. She fell down towards him and landed beside him.

Her eyes were blank with tears pooled around the edges and her tongue flopped out of her mouth. He reached over to give her huggies but saw her hooves were behind her so that she couldn’t hug him back. Her neck unnaturally twisted a full 180, even Marty knew that wasn’t supposed to happen.

He continued to sob to himself, knowing he had failed his siblings. He was the worstest toughie ever. He watched meanie daddeh’s shoe raise and waited for the end. It passed over him and Chad started walking towards the last two foals his orange sister and red pegasus brother as the hugged each other tightly with eyes closed as they sobbed hysterically.

Marty forced himself up, he began limping over as white-hot pain seared in his broken leg. He mumbled to himself for the resolve he needed. “nuuu. nuu. Mawty nee sabe wast bwuddah an sistah. nuu…”

Chad stood over the two uninjured foals. They were drenched in piss and simply wailed in front of him. Letting them live right now was more of a punishment than killing them so he just stood there and chuckled to himself while the technicolor street rats continued to flood themselves with cortisol.

“nuu yet. nuu yet.” He heard Marty behind him and thought his resolve was hilarious. He waited for him to catch up before crushing his dreams and siblings. He reached over and grabbed a cast iron skillet from the stovetop and held it above the two still pissing and shrieking foals.

Marty finally caught up and began to turn around to put his rear towards Chad. The little fucker is gonna try to shit on me, Chad thought. He prepared to drop the pan. Marty leaned forward and put all his weight on his front legs, fire shooting through the broken bone as he applied pressure.

He raised his rear hoofs and kicked with all his might. CRACK Both his rear legs shattered simultaneously. It hurt so bad he could not even speak. screeee he silently gasped as he doubled over in pain.

“Ow.” Chad feigned in the flattest monotone he could deliver. Dropping the pan in his hands. Marty thought he succeeded until he saw the pan slam down on his siblings. Crunch

“nuuuu…” Marty managed to let out before he blacked out in pain.

Lily wheezed in pain as she watched her babies get butcher. She tried to call out but could only watch. Chad grabbed her up by her scruff and carried her over to the window. “Time for you to join your special friend.”

She looked into his eyes and managed to mouth a single word. “Wai?” Even without a sound Chad recognized this question from a distressed fluffy.

He held her out the window responding rather simply: “Because Fuck You That’s Why” and let her go. She could not even scree as she silently fell and slammed into the dumpster, floors below. The trash cushioned her fall enough that she did not die instantly, instead drowning in blood as her shattered ribs punctured her lungs.

Marty slipped in and out of consciousness. He had a terrible sleepy picture that a meanie had given his entire family forever sleepies. But, that wasn’t possible since he hadn’t gone forever sleepies. He forced his eyes open and looked around.

it looked like the place from his bad sleepy picture but none of his family was around. No dead siblings. No blood or sorry poops everywhere. He was confused and scared. He tried to call out hewwo but the words didn’t leave his mouth. “huh” He tried stand up now, his legs felt super achy and he wanted to stretch them. He didn’t feel the floor under his hoof pads.

Fear swept over him, and he began flailing. “huh huh!” He cried out. Why couldn’t he feel his leggies. He heard footsteps. “Looks like our brave little Marty woke up. You accidentally hurt yourself, so I had to fix your boo boos up. That’s ok though! Take a look, you’re as good as new!”

Chad held a mirror in front of him. Marty looked at the terrifying visage in front of him, a hairless fluffy with all four leggies missing. He opened his mouth to scream but without a tongue, all he could do was let out a tired rasp.

Well, looks like we won’t need you anymore, he grabbed Champ who had cried so much from watching Marty get pillowed that a salty puddle formed under his face. “Uuu! Uuu!” he tried to cry as Chad deposited him in a gallon Ziplock bag, squeezed the air out of it, and zipped it up. Champ was dropped him on the ground in front of Marty.

“Your name is Champ now. Be a good fluffy or you’ll end up like him.” Chad walked out of the room. Marty cried silently while he was forced to watch Champ writhe and flail as he slowly suffocated.




Damn it, Chad. Given a rainbow of foals, some backyard breeder with ethics as poor as his hygiene could have made a tidy sum with that family’s genes. Assuming they didn’t come from the father.

The chadverse is one where fluffies are a dime a gross


Fair. I dunno, I can see Chad having fun with a “professional breeder” with more teeth than brain cells. Maybe “helping” the business. Just for shits and giggles.

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For reasons I may write about. Chad just hates the fuckers and wants them to go extinct but cant because of hugboxers and the fact that they outnumber the stars in the sky.


Gotcha. At least he’s got a passion and a hobby.


Runaway ran about and found out.


So glad for Chad in all seriousness. He is a man I can fully support, no sarcasm. These shitpigs all deserved the pain they get, and worse even.


Clearly, Chad Thundercock is a man who excels at finding the happiness life has to offer for free, and has evolved beyond the petty need to acquire monetary capitol at every possible turn. He should be an inspiration to all of us, really.