Pick your poison by(that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of How the mighty have fallen part 1 and part 2 by (that1hugboxer) and Journal of Miklós Belova part1 by(that1hugboxer)

You are Quicksilver.

Daddeh is very upset with you, he gives you an ultimatum. You can stay with him but never eat anything other than fluffy mush for the rest of your life, that means no kibble, no treats and no sketties ever again. Or you can be taken to live with his neighbor Mr. Akuji.

You beg Daddeh .

“Why quicksiwbah nu wibe wiff mummah?”

Daddeh shakes his head.

“Even Lorna won’t take you, in fact no shelter this side of the county line will take you. Make your choice. Me or Mr. Akuji?”

You had heard rumors from some of the outdoor fluffies that Mr. Akuji was very fond of fluffies but for all the wrong reasons. You had also heard that he would feed fluffies anything they wanted whenever they wanted .

Daddeh was looking impatient.

“You have 5 seconds to make your decision before I make it for you.”



“Nu faiw dis am big choice!”


“Please Daddeh! Gib quicksiwbah notha chance! Be gud fwuffy!”


You begin to sob uncontrollably.

“Pw…pwwwease nu gib quicksiwbah tu meanie mistah!”


“Hu! Hu! Nu wan’ nu wan’!”

You can’t even speak you are so distraught.

“Chirp! Chirp!”


You hide your head beneath your front hooves in a panic. Your whole body is trembling in fear.

“Times up quicksilver. I’ll be making the decision for you.”

Daddeh picks you up and puts you in a pet carrier before talking you out of the house then down the street.

Daddeh knocks on the door of a pristine house like something right out of a little golden book story.

A few moments pass before the tumblers unlock and the door opens.

Standing before you is an obscenely old African man, dressed in a long sleeve white collared shirt a pair of beige corduroy pants held up by suspenders , a pair of white leather pennyloafers ,long black dress socks and a plaid bow tie.

His back was hunched, his eyes obscured by a pair of large coke bottle glasses and a horseshoe of curly Snow White locks crowned his heavily receding hairline .

The man Smiles and begins speaking in a crackling Ethiopian accent.

“Mr. Duncan. What a pleasant surprise.”

Daddeh smiles.

“Sorry to bother you so late Mr Akuji but my Fluffy Quicksilver refuses to play nice with the others. All the shelters refuse to take him so I’m left with no other option but to give him to you.”

Mr Akuji smirks.

“Well that is a very big problem. Luckily for you I just so happen to be in the market for a fluffy.”

“Oh that’s wonderful thank you!”

Mr Akuji adjusts his glasses and inspects you.

“Weak genetics, skid ish… hmmm. How much do you want for him?”

Daddeh is shocked by the question.

“Given the situation I thought I’d be paying you to take him.”

Mr Akuji lets out a wheezy cackle.

“Oh no no no. I couldn’t possibly ask payment for such a….prime specimen… how about I give you a single 12 gauge shotgun shell for this lovely little goblin?”

Daddeh laughs.

“I don’t even have a 12 gauge shotgun anymore but hey what the heck? I’ll take it “

Mr Akuji goes back into his house for a moment brings out a very very old solid brass shotgun shell.

“You mentioned not having a 12 gauge anymore. How would like to purchase my old mossberg 395kb for say $80 ?”

Daddeh shakes Mr Akuji’s hand and they make the trade.

The door shuts as you see daddehs face for the last time.

Mr Akuji picks you up and carries you to a cellar in the back yard.

A light flicks on as Mr Akuji descends the stairs.

“Alright you slackers! We got a Shin-deshi for the stable!”

From the darkness waddles out a dozen barrel chested fluffies on their hind legs.

Mr Akuji puts you down on the dirt floor of the cellar.

“From this day forward you are going work for the Akuji sumo stable!”

Before you can even protest you are tackled by one of the fluffies.


This is hilarious. I love the idea of fluffy sumo, especially by way of Aksum.


I like to imagine Akuji is a part of a massive underground fluffy sumo league run by the elderly.

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I found this and I couldn’t help but think this might be what a full grown fluffy would look like.

We all like to use fluffies as outlets for our frustrations but seeing this made my heart melt

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now, I am imagining a high-pitched version of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2zAg39AXcs

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