Pilates day (artist: Carpdime)

Pilates day with Princess Pinky, Buttercup, Ruby and Becky!


Do not fall! Or do, but mind the cleanup…


Fluffy pony snaps its neck.


Damn that’s one coordinated fluffy

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I’m quite surprised any fluffy would be that flexible.

Jesus but you’re levelling up.

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Princess Pinky being a trained athlete is one thing, Ruby being capable of using a stop watch is entirely another

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awwww, Yoga seems like a great way to keep lil fluffys active and in shape!

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Idk but I’m catching some Gen2 vibes off those ponies

Lovely to see Becky in action. I also like little touch of Buttercup doing the alternate arm leg lift, which I could see fluffies pulling off!

I wrote Pinky being able to do a backflip in Chapter 2 of Avocado. As for Ruby she’s kinda of old, so maybe she knows a few more things? :shrugs: I do think Candy would know to use a stopwatch, so I guess Ruby would to - maybe the human sets the timer and the fluffy just has to “press the button”.

I hope you mean poopies lol. But these fluffies are potty-trained (and also not that fragile)

Pinky’s very co-ordinated, since she’s a show foal. I wrote Buttercup (the yellow fluff) to be a bit tougher, based on how Carp depicted his origin.

I agree!


Oh no I meant do not fall over and squish the little pony just behind.


One has followed the adventures of Princess Pinky long enough to get an impression of how formidable she is. But was taken aback by Ruby `s hidden depths.

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