Pillow Fluffs are supposed to be Happy fluffs! 3 “WildeFaun”

Lorelei paced her entryway waiting on her brother the only other fluffy owner she knew well enough to help her. Wracked with guilt with how poorly CocoMelon handled the sorry box, she was told she couldn’t give in to their tears and show weakness. Soon the sound of a car coming up the driveway broke her from her thoughts.

“It’s almost one p.m. what took you!?” She snapped at her brother. “Well Sister dearest, if you remember I now live in Milwaukee. So it’s a bit of a schlep.” Lorelei scowled. “Just please, she is getting worse. She shat all over the kitchen and blamed Minty! I don’t know what to do anymore, the Internet is no help!” Leading her bother to home office where Coco is sequestered. “Well yeah, everyone online either loves fluffies way to much or wants to make them suffer.”

A soft whimpering was coming from an over turned Tupperware container on a urine filled baking sheet. “That her? I thought you put her in a shoe box?” “I did, she peed and pooped so much it melted, I had to do something to keep it from flowing onto the carpet.” She stops to take a deep breath, tears in her eyes. “Wilde, I don’t know what to do. Who ever owned her before really brainwashed her.” He looks at her lips pursed. “Well you could have got the cute little Tomato pillow.” Lorelei smacked his arm while he laughed.

Wilde walked over to the Tupperware and lifted it revealing the exhaust pillow fluff. CocoMelon looked up at the new tall human very hairy, a tiny gasp escaped her lips. Wilde looked down at her, laying on her back positively caked in her waste. Strips of the shoebox glued to her fluff, eyes puffy and swollen from crying and her filth. " Aren’t you the sorriest damn thing I’ve ever seen." He gave a small sadistic smile as Coco pulled herself as small as she could.

Grabbing her by the scruff and holding her over the Tupperware to catch drippings, he carried her to the kitchen with Lorelei in tow. “Ooo am Babbeh nu in twubow no moh?” MintBerry scampered into the room upon hearing the whimpers. With a squishy plop Coco was deposited into the sink. “Bath time you little hair clog!” Grabbing the dish soap and shaking it threateningly. “Nuuunuuu! Wawa am bad! Neh wickie cweanies wit cwothies! Nu wawaaaAAHHH!”

The thick green soap drizzled down on top of her while Wilde’s callused hands massaged it in to her. Giving another frightened shrike as the faucet turned on. Lifting her out of the sink by her middle she squirmed uselessly to escape, it really was hopeless as the warm spray of the sink attachment rinsed her matted vile fluff.

“Made a grand choice here Lori! To think you’d rather have this than an adorable dancing tomato sausage.” Wilde chuckled. “Look Minty wanted a friend so we were letting her choose!” Lorelei defended her families decision. “Das wite! Minhbewwy pick dah babbeh dat needs dah mostest wub!” MintBerry did a little trotting dance in the kitchen. " Yuh-huh… Lori you remember me telling you about the S M R T thoughts I had about her?"

Lorelei gave a troubled look down at the family alicorn as it continued to dance. The faucet was shut off and Coco was wrapped in a thick towel. “Ok Coco! Uncle Wilde hears that you aren’t eating your kibble!” CocoMelon’s ear twitched at those words having started calming down. “Fluffies nu num kibbuh, onwi num sof babbeh nummies.” Wilde gave a dark smile. “Sister dear. Please bring me the special baby food I brought please.” Lorelei picked up the plastic baby her brother sat down earlier and pulled out a bag of kibble. “Foal Friendly Khewy Kibble?” Wilde took the kibble and set that aside. " Not that, not yet. Here." Pulling out a cardboard box with plain green letters.

“Vitalizing Nutrition Mash?! What is this?” Wilde opened the box and filled a food dish with small green pellets, then proceeded to mix them with water turning it into a deep green paste. " This is a fun new product the company I work for made. It’s designed for troublesome fluffies that refuse to eat properly. It’s crazy healthy!" Filling a feeding syringe Wilde lifted Coco in his free arm like a swaddled infant. " Wat dat?!" CocoMelon gasps with excitement. " Id dat gween bean? Cocomewon wub gween bean!"

A single drop of the green mash hit her tongue as the feeder crossed her lips, the harsh flavor caused her to start spitting and thrashing as best she could, but the tiny pillow was no match for the large human. Wilde slowly pushed the rubber tip of the syringe into her throat and started pumping in the food. Sputtering and choking she could only swallow the bitter medicinal sludge. Gasping and sobbing her stomach full, it rumbled and cramped.

Lorelei watched in shame as she allowed this to happen while MintBerry seemed to enjoy the whole situation. Coco was unfurled from her towel and sat on the floor, a bowl of milk placed about three feet in front of her. “Come on Stumpy the Miwkies am gunna take aww dah huwties away.” Wilde mocked. Coco squirmed and cried, she wretched and spat attempting to get the awful green slime out of her gut.

" Don’t bother trying to puke it up. The scientist that made it put something called metoclopramide in it, But I guess for your little fluffy brain to understand. Simply put it stops sicky wawas." Wilde laughed more as Coco started her way to the milk bowl. It felt like miles before she made it, diving face first she guzzled as much milk as she could eventually tipping the bowl and rolling to her side in a pool of milk.

Lorelei, MintBerry, and Wilde all looked down at Cocomelon. “Am gud fwuffy, am gud fwuffy, nu moh huwties pwease, am gud Babbeh.” Wilde picked her up and handed her to his sister. “Give her another bath.” As Lorelei washed her Wilde explained what needed to be done. " Give her the soft chewy kibble from now on. If she doesn’t eat it, force some nutra mash into her. Don’t accept the any kind of pillow B S about not doing shit. Make her know she can do stuff on her own."

Lorelei didn’t like any of this but her patients had almost ran out, she couldn’t handle anymore messes or out burst. After talking and the family for a bit she led her brother to the door. CocoMelon continued to cry and her predicament, she was being a bad fluffy and her new family was encouraging it. " Yay babbeh, ou am gonna be ah gud pwawin babbeh! An Minhbewwy an widdwe mummah am gunna habb su su su muchie fun!" The alicorn laid next to Coco as she cried, knowing full well to avoid sink baths and awful medicine she would need to be a bad fluffy.