Pillow Fluffs are supposed to be happy Fluffs part 4 "WildeFaun"

Cocomelon was basking happily on her bed under the shade of the picnic table in the backyard while her humans weeded their garden. The little humans were away at a school a Cocomelon was for once enjoying the peace of not being required to participate in tea parties or dances.

The two doggies were sniffing about the piles of weeds and dirt and snapping at nasty stripey bugs and the munstah fluffy was dozing in the sun occasionally stretching and smacking her lips. Despite her protests of not moving around the punishments seemed much worse if she didn’t comply, still she had this horrible feeling in her thinky place that made her cry because she wasn’t sure what a good fluffy was anymore.

“It am Otay babbehs, wook mummah find safe pwace wit gud hoomans wit gud fwuffies!” The voice was hushed and accompanied by faint chirping, Coco craned her body to glace around the house corner, but after feeling the pain of her sore neck she reluctantly wiggled from her spot to see what was going on. " It am otay babbehs" it was a unicorn mare with a coat that looked like mixed paint with a streaky red mane.

One by one she kissed her babbehs and pushed them through the chain link where they would land gently in the grass with a startled cheep. “Mummah is soso bewy sowwy, am bad mummah, no can make miwkies fow ou, huhuhu.” Tears dripping down her face as the half dozen chirpies tired their best to maneuver the tallish grass, Coco saw two were munstah babbehs and one other had it’s eyes partially open.

“Hey dis no am ou housie!! Go way dummie!!” Coco squirmed her way up near the feral as her voice stirred the chirpies into a mild panic. “Nuuu dis am gud babbehs, pwease gib miwkies.” The mare pleaded sticking one of her front legs through the fence likely trying to draw the attention of MintBerry or the humans. Coco scowled at the intruders but she stopped when she saw the expression of fear on the mother fluffy’s face.

Deedee and Jacks were at Coco’s side staring hungrily at the small pile of baby fluffies. The little pegasus with it’s eyes partially open glanced up at Jacks as Jacks lowered his nose towards the chirpie. Sniffing and cooing curiously the brave little pegasus with great effort lifted it’s tiny hoof and placed it on Jacks’ nose. “Chirp?! Ba-bawkie!?” The look of fear on the mother was replaced with joy. “Babbeh am Talkie Babbeh!”

Chomp, in an instant Jacks mouth shut around the little baby’s head and front leg and swung his head around causing the tiny blue body to whip back and forth until Deedee lunged at it, grabbing the back half of the body she yanked tearing it in two. “BABBEH!!! SCREEEEE!!” The mother mare’s scream of terror caused the dogs to stop their halves of the baby in a moment of shock. The tiny head rolled in front of Coco, a smile of joy and shock frozen on it’s lifeless face.

The mother fluffy’s screams drew the attention of Lorelei, her husband, and MintBerry. “What is going on?!” A gasp of realization as Lorelei saw the feral at it’s babies. Deedee taking note she had lost her snack quickly snatched one of the alicorns into her maw and began to run laps around the yard, terrified muffled chirps are heard from inside her mouth.

Jacks however decided a larger meal was in order and clamped his teeth down upon the mare’s foreleg that was on his side of the fence and began yanking violently crushing two more chirpies in his actions. The screaming was dreadful and ear splitting, the sound of a stuck pig on helium pleading for it’s life.

Coco sat in shock as the family all yelled and called out to get the dogs to stop when Mintberry came bounding of the Jacks brandishing her horn, a faint orange glow as she screamed her war cry towards the dog. Jacks let go of the fluffy’s leg and huddled up the fence corner in a panic, he growled and bared his fangs as Mintberry slashed the air with her horn.

Deedee hearing Jacks’ growls spat out the alicorn and rushed to Mintberry biting and barking at her, Coco knew that the monstrous Mintberry would harass the dogs and cats to steal their food. Today seemed to be the last straw and Jacks and Deedee were done kowtowing to this amalgam of creatures." Screee, bad bawkie munstas! Minhbewwy gib ou fowebah sweepies!" She screamed and thrashed trying to defend herself on both sides.

“Stop please, Jacks Deedee! Leave them alone!” Lorelei was on the verge of tears, an animal lover to the core seeing the dead chirpies, the wounded feral, and her dogs and daughter’s fluffy attempting to kill each other was just too much. Her Husband grabbing hold of Deedee’s collar pulls her away and with his free hand reaches for Minty. “Dummeh Hooman!! Minhbewwy am Weadah ob dis Hewd!”

Mintberry thrusts her horn right into his hand. With a great yell and many curse words he stumbled backwards stepping on one of Coco’s leg nubs crushing it and causing her to scream and cry. “she Stabbed me! It fucking burns! She stabbed and fucking Burned me!” Lorelei grabbing the two dogs drags them inside, Mintyberry still thrashing angrily. “Dummeh! Aww awe dummeh!! Mihnbewwy am weadah! Dis am Mihnbewwy wand! Ou aww wisten tu mihnbewwEeeee!” Before she could finish Lorelei’s husband booted her in the muzzle sending her flying back into the chain link fence.

Cheeping incoherently Mintberry had one of her wings caught in the fence as she dangled, her back legs barely touching the ground. Cocomelon sat there in fear sobbing, her nub black and swollen, the laboured gasps from the feral as she lay bleeding to death eyes still locked oh her dead babies. Soon an odd sensation jostled Coco back to reality, an unfamiliar yet warm feeling. " Gasp!? Nu nu! Bad babbehs, nu am mummah! Miwkie pwaces nu fow ou!"

The two surviving babies have found their way to her teats and were desperately trying to feed, suckling aggressively only to pull off to cry and tap at her empty udder. “Pwease nu, huhuhu! Pwease weggies! Pwease sabe Cocomewon!” She wanted nothing more than to be free, against the fence Mintberry’s face contorted into a broken smile, she made the baby a good baby

Cocomelon’s fate for the epilogue!

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Hit me like a ton of bricks :skull:

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that fucking fluffie motherfucker hurt one of the dogs, the hell he deserves can’t be put into words. they were just eating some invading foals.

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This chaos needs a soundtrack. I’m thinking Entrance of the Gladiators.


Should have let her become kibbles n’ bits of fluffy


Holy-hot-ham-sammiches …it’s like going to my in-laws’ farm for Thanksgiving…