Pissbitch (Wittewfawt)

This is my first fluffy comic, have almost 5 years old
I’m start to submit the content that I have here and the new too, only hope not lost again some stuff like when fluffybouru was down, yes, I can put all in a drive too


Aw man that’s hilarious since the same thing almost happened my cat when I was puking.

I also love the overlaid text for the fluffy its very fitting


Sure he swears at the shitrat, but the guy just needed to pee really badly, and hey the guy said no when the piss hits the fluffy, meaning it was accdental not abuse.


One of the old comics I’ve always treasured from the booru. He’s so happy to have daddy home, and in such sad disbelief when he gets peed on. Those big, sad eyes make me want to hug him right away - but he definitely needs a bath before that! :laughing: