Planet Fluffy In: The Boreal Forest (TG-89)

Ayo folks,

Firstly, I apologise in advance for the complete lack of anything approaching stylistic consistency in the following. It’s a combination of incompetence, indecisiveness, and the constant influx of high-quality art here making me endlessly re-evaluate my own choices. Plus, by about the last 2/5ths I was goofing around a bit.

Secondly, this is my first real attempt at making something like this with a clearly defined linear story, so hopefully it’s easy enough to follow. If not, please be sure to ruthlessly insult me, so as to ensure I don’t repeat that mistake.

As always, feedback and critique is both welcomed and invited.


She better keep the brown one, after all she is the only one who is going to survive.


Ngl this style and format is amazing and i love the documentary kind of tone. Plz do more in the future either on forests, swamps, the coast, sea, desert, etc.


ohhhhhh oh i love this already! the documentary feel is soooo goood! ahhh this is lovely!


Read the entire thing in David Attenborough’s voice


Please sir, I want some more.


I told you man people like it, great work


Incredibly well drawn! Very talented artist! Great work keep it up! :sunglasses::two_hearts::beers:


This was beautifully done! I can hear the narrator voice for the documentary.

Now I picture the Feral Fluffy version of Meerkat Manor from Animal Planet.

Also? @TG_89 your art is very much part of that influx of high quality art. While it is the creative’s curse to be their own worst critic, as an outside observer?

Your work is DAMN good, and the narrative in this little documentary excerpt gave it even more punch.

I know I for one am overjoyed to see it, and will eagerly await whatever work you decide to do next.

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always good to put in the effort though. keep it up


Feels very natural and the presentation is phenomenal!


Hopefully it is.

I swear people really overestimate brown fluffy’s abilities to survive in the wild. Yes it’s all up to the writer’s headcanon but at the end of the day they’re still fucking fluffys

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I know they probably will end up dead, but compared to good colors they have more chance of survival of predator atack.

Creators come in a myriad of styles and talent levels. What matters is having an idea and bringing it to life, and I think you did a fantastic job. Even your ‘goofing around’ is well done.

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I hope the brown foal survives and because of this. Creates a dominant color. Kinda reminds me of this one artist that did a mini series of poop colored fluffies having a 99% chance of surviving in the wild where as bright colored ones died and attracted predators.

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Pretty cool. Only note, they would look more fluffy-like, at least to me, if their ears pointed up by default.

Some writing is a but hard to read but apart from that a bloody good effort

Great job,I can tell you put a lot of effort and love into this comic, especially when I look at background details.

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