Plans for the coming year

Hi everyone,

I don’t normally do community posts. A lot of the times it’s me posting stories (Reddit and here) and leaving comments but I’ve decided I want to set out my plans for what I want to do next.

I don’t really collaborate with anyone but I would like to change that and actually work with someone in putting out a story/art/whatever and it’s something I want to scratch off my to do list.

I really want to get more involved in discussions too. I tend to treat myself as my own island and I’ll be posting concepts and even just chewing the fat over non-fluffy stuff (as they say)

There’s only a few stories from my old posts on Reddit that I want to bring over and will be done at my convenience. These will be my old Flufficide stories and probably a few other old ones and then after that I’ll concentrate on writing new original stuff.

I’m hoping I can get the ball rolling on these and even just to have some fun along the way


If you ever want a collab, I am open for that stuff, because I really want to collab with writers and artists! So, if you ever up for it, shoot me a dm.

If you want more discussions, those usually happen in the discord.