plants vs zombies, fluffy invasion: of fluffys and fungi. -sunflowerofwar

(Authors note: enjoy lads and thanks for the tip Karn.)

Fluffy speak
Human speak

episode 2: of fluffys and fungi

the camera panned to a new house, it was shaded and dark, yet oddly welcoming, on the lawn, a usual mixture of flowers and oddly enough, coffee beans grew, but also more unique plants, who weren’t even plants at all in fact, they were mushrooms of all colors and varieties, the owner was a girl who loved mushrooms with a passion, poisonous or edible, she loved them all, fitting for a mushroom farmer, the somewhat mad women slept the day away in the darkness of her home and following her suit, was her plants.

now technically, they weren’t plants either, but in fact mushrooms, this ranged from puff-shrooms, fume-shrooms, scaredy-shrooms and more, almost all of the mushroom plants slept without a care in the world, not all the mushrooms however, one such species was known as the toadstool, these large, frog-like funguses, mostly didn’t sleep the day away like their cousins, they stood guard during the day and were the first to defend the lawn when zombies or fluffys invaded, at least till their friends woke up.

toadstools, much like chompers, eat their enemy’s and while they can only eat one at a time unlike their cousins, toadstools after finishing a meal, pop out sun, which is vital for plants and mushrooms alike, beyond a few exceptions, such as puff-shrooms and sea-shrooms for example.

speaking of toadstools, they were standing watch, while their kin slept till night, they stood awake and ready for anything, of course, not all toadstools did this, younger ones slept with the others or played with each other, one of the toadstools standing watch, was named Ellie by her gardener, Ellie was the oldest toadstool and had eaten many zombies and fluffys alike in her lifetime, bucketheads, all-stars, pregnant mares and smarty’s all met their end to her sticky tongue and Ellie will make sure the garden and her family stay safe no matter the cost.

to fluffys, this was a new experience, a land of mushwoom nummies and mushwoom monstahs, to Ellie and most of the plants, this happened almost every day and night, a rather large herd was standing before the lawn, with the smarty and his toughies at the front.

the smarty puffed his cheeks out and began to say on what are effectively the first thing someone thinks about when the word, smarty, is mentioned.

“dummeh-mushwooms, dis am smawtys wand now!!” Ellie rolled her eyes, having heard this triage a thousand times, before the smarty could even shit itself, she shot her tongue out and grabbed the neon red smarty and ate it whole without so much a squeal.

of course, while the smarty wasn’t able to squeal, the rest of the herd lost its shit, both literally and metaphorically, the other toadstools followed suit grabbing any fluffy they could snatch, toughies, mares with foals, pregnant mares and stallions were all eaten as large smacking sounds emerged from the toadstools with their cheeks puffed out, full of fluffy meat.

foals, old and newborn alike chirped in terror or called for their mothers, others were red stains on the ground after being trampled and crushed by the adults, causing even further distress among the herd and more poop followed.

the rest of the mushrooms…didn’t even wake up, their eyes shut tight and somewhat blind to the world around them, due to the high pitch noises, a couple older ones opened their eyes to see the disturbance, only to close them back after seeing its only fluffys, of course, not all of them were willing to ignore the horse-shaped vermin that disturbed their nap.

one such shroom, was an ice-shroom, the frozen fungus glared at the fluffys making a ruckus, and cracks began to grow up to its icicle covered cap before its eyes glowed.


every fluffy not already dead or eaten, was froze solid, their waste frozen on their butts, with foals and chirpies frozen into ice blocks, normally this freeze wasn’t very lethal, a zombie could eventually break out, assuming it wasn’t killed before it could, and even if it did, it would be greatly slowed, same applies to a human who got on the ice-shrooms bad side, to fluffys however, with their fluff providing next to almost no protection from the cold and the icicles shot out didn’t help.

the herd was now nothing more than frozen popsicles, or rather fluffsicles, sun burst out the toadstools who finished their meals and simply croaked at the site, no more herds would approach that lawn today after seeing the frozen body’s, which suited Ellie just fine.

the human inside the house, rubbed her eyes as she looked out the window, before shrugging “ill clean it up later” before immediately passing out on the bed, sleeping for the night ahead.

(Authors note: enjoy lads, more named plants and their humans will appear later and eventually, the zombies themselves will appear, criticism is welcome)


Love these shroomy defenses its hilarious to see feral herd messing the wrong things.

Wonder if those zombies have a ferak herd snack first :grin:


something like but it be more zombies ignoring fluffys, zomboss said so as he realized that the rats could tear up the plants home and be excellent distractions.

that and fluffys being so stupid that zombies think they don’t have brainz.

but I might do something like that when a smarty angers zomboss.


Man I love this

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