Playtime Spoiled [by: ekulmam3838]

All he had to do was go to a nice, comfortable home with a beautiful saferoom and even better toys…
…just to last for a few days.


I love the art style/direction! :sunglasses::two_hearts::beers:


Normally I don’t care for fluffies abusing other fluffies, but in this case I want his mummah to be the one to beat his ass.


Store policy would result in a sale of a very small percentage of the little fucks. Which one of them wouldn’t be “wan mummah” if they’re grabbed out of a bin and taken to the checkout?

Fucking hell who cares? The store should be moving product, not caring about the opinions of toys.


To be fair, it is also shown to be ignored: though a hundred bucks does seem rather excessive.


What a fucking UGLY fluffy


I love the direction your art is going, with the mix of real pictures and drawings. It’s so cool! I’ve seen other artists do it and have an idea that you might want to try out. It could be fun to see you draw the whole hand/arm, or draw the fluffy on paper and cut it out. There’s just something so fun about that type of art.
Obviously, you don’t need to listen to me- just some ideas from someone that loves this post and has seen similar styles. ^^


I know, right? Definitely was NOT worth the hundred


But the sweet embrace of death never came.
The more the little shitrat wanted to die the more a nameless force of the universe fought back to keep it alive.
Multiple forevers later all that remained was a desiccated husk.
By all logic it should have been dead many times over but by some curse or miracle it was still alive.


very interesting artstyle, if you can call it that. reminds me of mexi’s work but with far less uncanny valley

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I do like the idea of that being an “official policy” only because it offers story potential for abusers to try to circumvent it or for hugboxers to go full Karen over it, or neutral employees to ignore it.

It also gives consumers yet another reason to go to shelters or independent sellers.


considering the injurys i dont think that gonna be a issue my guy

considering you are a ekul creation you got off pretty lucky :shrug:

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illustrating this as we speak this is a wonderful excerpt

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Fucking yes

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Dude has a Clarence face going on