Please Father, Do No Harm To Good Cupcake: A Stwumpo Piece


Fuck I’m bored at work today, here’s my first honest attempt at drawing a fluffy in MS Paint 3d or whatever the FUCK YOU GODDAMNED ZOOMERS TURNED IT INTO WITH YOUR TIK TOKS AND YOUR RAZZ


Fuck you, Cupcake. You rat fuck. I’m gonna shave you bald and cover you in earthworms for a whole day.


It is quite good. Though there’s no poop so I must subtract all of your points and send you to the Shadowrealm :shrug:


Joke’s on you I already live in HFIL so you’re gonna have a hell of a time getting me out

Why am I now wondering how fluffies would survive in Skyrim?

I just realized nobody’s ever asked whether it’s Stumpo or Strumpo.

Which is the whole joke.

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Sadly, these cozen pleas fall on deaf ears; your existence is yet another tool of this Cartesian devil’s play headlining myself as the fool.

gonna chop off your legs, feed em to you, and then give you a slow agonizing death shitrat.


Father I beseech thee