[poll and update] Life and comics (halp pls)

You may have noticed I haven’t done any actual art (FML series is shitpost only)
I love fluffies (I’m not leaving), however I’m having large problems irl and lack of motivation. Because of this, some art will be on hiatus (fanarts and tributes) and more hardcore gore might be coming

However, I need your help!
The order I wanted is FAF collab → some mini-stuff → Nero and Pan in which we’d find a chilling plot twist
However, I’m really not motivated to finish the collab (I have like 1/3 finished) and I’d much rather continue with Pandora’s comic, however then I’d have to literally show the twist and you won’t be able to guess for yourself and look for foreshadowing

So which will it be?

  • Keep the order (collab then Pan)
  • No foreshadowing (put collab on hold)
  • Different idea (comment pls)
  • No order, both comics simultaneously
  • No order, no foreshadowing or plot twists (more rnd & confusing)
  • Periodically switch between the two comics (pages, no all-in-one post)

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Periodically switch between the two comics.
Never mind the twist if you arent motivated enough
Just post what you can and what you feel like.


I’d say you draw Pan while you have motivation for it. After all, it’s not like you have to post what you draw right away, so you can just finish Pan then keep it stashed away until the collab’s also done.

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Do whatever you feel is what you’re up to for the moment. No pressure. Take your time. Your health and wellbeing is the most important. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh you do have an FC account. I saw your bits on the sub and have a present for you later.

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