Poopie Babbehs Outburst! (Freshly Pillowed)


“Senswitive babbeh so smarties, am bestest babbeh make gud poopies en wittabawks, poopie babbeh mak poopies gu way, wuv bestest so muchies desewve awe nicie things”

*Peep *peep *

" It owkay wittle babbeh yu is gud babbeh tu, make mummah vewy pwoud mummah

“HUUUUUhuuuuu wai mummah nu giv wuv to babbeh, am no poopie babbeh am was fiwstest babbeh en babbeh cawnt eben mawk gud talkies, and am no dummeh sensitive babbeh am big and stwong NUFAWE NUFAWE NU WAN NUM POOPIES BRUDDEH WORSTEST DUMMEH NO TALKIE BABBEH EVEW”

EEEEEEEEE CHIRP CHIRP SCREEEEEE! :sob: Proceeds to piss itself and roll around in the piss

“…Wha … poopie babbeh say abowt bestest sensitiwe babbeh, yu cawe him namesies…”


Good luck guys ill make a follow up picture to this, is mummah gonna give a light punishment, will mummah take scrap and luv him now hes made his case :innocent:

I doubt it
but ill leave it up to you :shrug:


Hope they trade places. Make the worthless sensetibe be the poopie.

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Mom is mad at the baby who has pooped, but as soon as she smells shit, she and the rest of the kids go poopie madness and all of family start eating poop like crazy.
Afterwards, an anthropomorphic Jellenheimer enters the room and says, “What the fuck?”

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Sensitive baby sure is a case… since the foal rolled on it’s own piss and poopie is close, would be funny if the sensitive keept rolling over ending on the shit and brown and stinky, so the mom thinks he turned into a poopie foal too.


Kick the bitch momma, then tie her up. The extra special stupid babbeh(sensitive baby) tie it up, then insult, swear, and hit it every time it calls itself the best, good bebheb/fluffy, or only little babbeh. Regular fluffies can’t handle “mean words” and especially swears, an extra sensitive fluffy, and a foal at that, It would be pure agony! It would die due to stress or heart attack from the curing alone XD

Almost forgot, clean and feed the “poopie”

Poopie actually sounds like an arse! Saying he is better as sensitive can’t talk, for once I’m not on poopies side! Fuck him up