Poopie Therapy Pen! (FreshlyPillowed)

Lets us be honest. the poopies… the brown ones… the poopie nummers, whatever you want to call them, they get a raw deal especially with their own kind.

Other fluffys mock them, beat them, make them do terrible things.
Thats where my small service come in! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here at Browns Dont Frown TM we create a safe place for all your faithfull brown little bundles of joy.

We dont use the P word here, we dont mock them or treat them any different from any other precious fluffy. here your little nugget of bliss will be without worries, let your brown companion experience unity with other fluffs, treat as equals as our well trained fluffys will give them all the love and care they need, so they can relax and come to accept who they are

Not poopies
But fluffies.

“boss we have a customer, this ones pillowed”
“…Fine… stick the poo loaf in with Juice and Pickle it will cry itself to sleep soon enough its owner will be back by then OI JUICE, PICKLE YOU HAVE A FREIND MAKE SURE IT DOESNT DIE”
“isnt this false advertising?”
“its easy money thats what it is, now im going out brown fluffies stink”
“ok boss…”


You have to wonder how many fluffies mysteriously lose their tongues there.


If the poopie was already depressed, say he was to fall into a wan-die loop while in our care… it could happen… just saying :shrug:

“sorry maam we did our best but this poor little darling has just had and seen too much for us to be able to help”
“Daddeh is poopeh nummeh nu hewe nu mow?”


I fucking lol’d at how needlessly callous the human is

Funny dude


Imagine if Poopie and his gang were caught loitering around the building’s dumpster.

“boss! Come outside, you’re gonna want to see this.”

“see what?”

“remember when you said you wanted a sad looking freak show to put on a black and white filtered camera for our next ad? You know, backed to the song ‘in the arms of the angels?’”.

“Yeah, what of it?”

“well we just hit the fuckin’ jackpot, sir!”


And a billion dollar day care chain was born.

Seeing a quick buck scam like this it is gonna end when someone is gonna whistleblow on the company, that person is a white knight or an actual do gooder


I feel like, given that fluffies can talk and many are too unimaginative to lie properly, this would be over before it began.

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