Power (By It_Was_Me_SEAL)

Detroit was falling on hard times. Power plants had been overrun by ferals, and the city had to look for a new way of producing electricity. When all seemed lost, scientists realized that the electricity inside of animals could be harvested and collected using a special machine. Killing animals would be illegal, but there was a species that wasn’t protected by the law. Using fluffies as power would both save the city economically, and cut down on the feral population. And so fluffy exterminators were given a new order: bring back fluffies alive for double the bounty…

A feral fluffy family was sleeping in a cardboard box inside an alley. The sudden increase in power had caused many people to get their jobs back, which meant food was more abundant in trash cans. Because of this, the familyHad lived quite comfortably. However, other ferals had told them of the “white humans”, who had come wearing strange suits and taken countless fluffies away from their families. This family was aware of the dangers, but they weren’t ready for the humans to come. So when the van pulled into the alley, the mother and the foals hid, while the father was torn between hiding or defending his family from these intruders. He made the wrong decision.

“Wisten hoomins, fwuffy nu want tu be taken away. Nu hab famiwy, su weave fwuffy awone!” One of the men laughed. “We don’t care if you have a family or not, and we also don’t care if you don’t want us to capture you. We need to make a living, and you’re our key to doing so.” He then turned to his partner and said “bag him”. The other man pulled out a cloth sack, and quickly slammed it down over the fluffy, trapping him. He then threw him into the passenger seat of the car, an action met with a muffled scream and much flailing from within the bag. The mare ran out from her hiding place, leaving the foals hidden. “Gib back Bean!” “So his name is Bean,” the second man said. “Well, we have use for him.” “Wiww yu take fwuffy tu?” “Don’t worry, little girl,” he said in a deep voice. “I always leave one alive to tell the tale.” “Jeez, you sound like an edgelord.” The first man said.

The car ride was long and terrifying. Bean soiled himself multiple times on the way there, each bump and rattle making him peep. The two men listened to music while they drove, so conversation was kept to a minimum. Bean knew he would never see his family again and he sobbed, mourning his foals who he would never see grow up, his mate who he would never see grow old. After a while, the truck stopped. The men got out, and roughly grabbed the sack and brought it with them too. The sack was slammed down onto a table, and someone opened it. Bean opened his eyes to see an older woman wearing glasses, smiling at him. “Hey there little guy,” she said, her smile unwavering, “What’s your name?” “Fwuffy am Bean,” he said, still sniffling a little. He looked around to see he was in a clean building, with doors and hallways branching off of the area. “Okay Bean, you’re coming with me now.” Glancing at the men, she said, “Talk with the secretary for your pay.” Bean felt a sense of unease, but still let the woman pick him up and carry him down a long hallway, with a metal door covered with warnings at the end.

“Whewe am yu taking Bean?” Bean asked. The woman, the smiling slowly leaving her face as she turned more serious, said “You’re going to help me with something. You’ll be with other fluffies, so you won’t be alone. Bean brightened up, but he still felt a deep sense of unease he couldn’t shake. They walked down a hallway to a large rack. One look at it, and Bean began to scream. It was covered with fluffies, their bodies impaled on spikes that had a coursing light running down them. The fluffies were shaking and although they were gagged, their faces were masks of pure agony. Before Bean could say anything, the lady grabbed a gag and quickly stuffed it in his mouth. “You’ll be replacing this poor sap,” she said, all traces of pleasantry gone. She was a being of pain and malice inside this room, and she ruled her domain with a cruel hand. She reached up to a purple fluffy who looked old, its fur grey. She pulled it off the spike, only a bit of plasma coming out, its body drained of blood. She lifted Bean up and stuck him onto the spike. He tried to yelp, but the gag muffled the noise. The pain he felt coming through his midsection was unlike any he had experienced in his peaceful life. The lady reached next to him and flipped a switch, and the real pain began. A wave of agony coursed through him, every cell in his body screaming in pain as his face distorted in shock, then agony. The waves continued, increasing in speed and intensity until every thought left his mind but the pain his entire being felt. He did not remember his past life, for this was his life now, doomed to having hsi energy drained until he inevitably died, freed from the suffering at long last.


At first I thought it was gonna be like how the machines farmed humans for power in the matrix movies. chuckle