Pretty fluff no more. (by: artist_kun)

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Shaving fluffies is always so amusing. Their fluff is an integral part of their identity, it’s literally in their name. So, when they lose it, it’s like they lose a crucial part of what they are. And since they don’t know how fur works, they don’t realise it will grow out eventually. Such a seemingly simple thing to do, yet so effective.


Funny that they assume their legs grow back but fluff is gone forever.
Also they never have a natural non-fluffy state for most artists, they’re just born without manes and only a bit of hair and maybe tail to show that color.

Presumably its Hasbio prioritizing aesthetics and providing a way around alteration of function and capabilities.

Also, shaving is interesting even for non-Abuse. Fluffies sometimes are depicted as looking very different or exactly the same under the fluff. They look so pathetic and in need.
Depriving them of identity is interesting if you use it to create a new one for them.

Plus, shaved anthros.

Also the odd obsession the newer MLP cartoon had with periodically showing them “naked”.


excuse me what?


I’m both curious and scared.

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They wound up “naked” a fair amount. Just for jokes, but still.

To the point you wonder if it was someone’s fetish the way that pedophile in charge at Nick made a lot of the 90’s and 2000’s cartoons and live action shows focus on feet.


strange i watched everything and don’t remember it


I think it’s one of those things you don’t really notice until its pointed out, then it just kind of makes you pause from that point onwards.

Any exposed foot in something like Hey Arnold or All That just kinda makes you go “Huh.” and feel a bit uneasy.


Yo, when you’re done, can I have the fluff?

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I mean the fluff really is their moneymakers. After all beyond the prized alicorns good colors mean a great deal to the human breeder and owner. Having good colors and in turn fluff can be the difference between a short poopy life or one with toys, warm house, and sketti. Their whole social hierarchy structure revolves it.

Imagine how fucked would it be if you reveal to a shaved bestest babbeh that underneath the fluff they’re the exactly the same as their shaved poopeh sibling. To then to ask the sibling’s mother to actually choose between them.

Shaving for cleaning? Or making a better fur?

But shaving em for cooking seems dunking em on boiling water seems much better way removing it.

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It looks like a commercial razor on the larger size so I’m assuming it’s more a punishment or medical situation (I.e. possible lice/flea infestation).

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This is why I love it too. It’s so utterly degrading, stripping them of the very thing that makes them cute and huggable and leaving them cold, naked and humiliated. Even if they know it grows back, it will still mean weeks of shame, discomfort and vulnerability.