Pride Month Reminder

For those of you who don’t know. Yes, It’s Pride Month, meaning there will be a lot of LGBT images and stories this month.

I just want to remind everyone to make sure that If you draw or write anything related to LGBT and Pride Month. That you put it in the right categories.



Why should lgbtq+ be in a seperate catagory?
It not a bizzare thing


One, it’s a controversial topic. Two, it’s so users have to opt-in to view it.

I thought most of the commuinty was lgbtq+?

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Is it not bizarre , you have homosexual but still need lesbian one encompasses the other but they are separated you have to admit that is bizarre

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The community is worldwide. You might be surprised how many people here are from countries that are less than kind to LGBT people.
And therefore we came up with a way to allow people to opt out of the month of colorful flags.


Ready your tomatoes because here’s an opinion that doesn’t match popular consensus:

One can accept and celebrate people embracing the identities they’ve had to hide, and one can accept and celebrate people who live unabashedly as who they always have been.

One does not need a corporately mandated month and colorful flag branding to do this. Those that partake are being herded by a narrative created by people who do not care, or worse, actually hate them.

Once the annoying flags hit their critical mass for me, I’m opting out of the group and rejoining in July.


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I have a love-hate relationship with Pride month. I love it because all of my friends can (mostly) publicly be themselves for a month without being shamed or made fun of and there’s a ton of art that floods in that we can enjoy.

However I Hate it because corporations view us on the spectrum of flags as well, a way to make money. They slap rainbows on everything hoping that we’ll buy the object, it feels like a Pink Tax but for The Gays™.

I’ll happily fly my Asexual Flag all year round in my room and support my fellow Gays for the rest of my life.


Didn’t start out that way. After legalizing gay marriage corporate entities started buying into pride that much harder. Now you can’t really have Pride without those corporations. Fucking stupid

I think Jedan put it best last year.

This is an edit btw.


That’s how corporations view everyone, doofus.

A corporation has a singular, solitary purpose: convince people to give money to the corporation.

If they think doing a thing will accomplish this, they will do the thing.

If doing the thing doesn’t accomplish this, they will stop doing the thing.

And they will only feel bad about doing a thing if it convinces people to stop giving them money, or makes the corporation give someone else money.

Ideally, the corporations wouldn’t even have to do anything to convince people to give them money, people would just give them money without expecting anything in return, like any kind of product or service.

They don’t like you. They like your money. But not you.


Pride is important. Pride is not the corporations, no matter how hard they try to co-opt it. The core message of it is that we are not something to be “tolerated” or “accepted,” but something to be proud of. On our own terms. Corporate Pride doesn’t like our terms because our terms are messy and don’t have particularly good profit margins.

Unfortunately, the bones of the site and the makeup of the community make it hard to keep queer content apart from…

Let’s just say “certain users” who we’d all just feel better not tempting to remind us who they are. “Stick to the drawings and stories” situation. Folks whose input we don’t necessarily want.

I think we just need to consistently remind people that the tag exists and is opt-in.


im gay but i fucking hate seeing pride shit everywhere. I came here for horse torture, not the flag shit ppl love to do (also the capitalization of being gay is sick). keeping my wlw stuff to my tumblr lol
anyway that is why it is its own tag/category.

I did a story for pride month last year, but I did it because I felt like doing it.

Any time I make my stories a bit more diverse, it’s always for the same reason:

Because I felt like it.

Pretty much everything I do, I do for the same reason:

Because I feel like it.

So I wasn’t trying to score LGBT brownie points or anything. I just thought it’d be fun to do a story about an angel reading a homophobic abuser the riot act. And it established that angels in my headcanon don’t have a problem with gay people, regardless of whatever Leviticus says.


pride “month”?


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I’d really like to see who in this thread accused you of trying to win gay people favor when you write your stories.

Your posts read like Phoebe from The Magic School Bus talking about her old school without any prompting whatsoever lmao.

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Nobody. I posted that because…


I felt like it.

And I don’t feel like listening to you anymore.

How enlightened