Princess and Poopy, Part 2 (Nebby)

It was the day after their birth. Poopy was nuzzled into her sleeping mother’s tangled blue fluff. Princess was laying just a few feet away, curled up into herself and suckling a hoof. She had learned from her mother’s harsh nips to stay away, but her tummy was making angry noises at her.

Princess began to drag her small body across the floor towards the warmth of Mummah, but Mummah’s eyes popped open at the sound of the munstah baby’s chirp getting closer.

“You stupid munstah babbeh! You made you brudda and sissy go foweba sweepies, stay away from Mummah’s bestest babbeh!”

Something kicked the door of the stall. Mummah froze. For a moment the only sound was that of the two foals chirping in surprise and fear.

The stall door opened just enough to let a human walk in. Her name was Sammy. She was a tall, blonde woman in her late 40s. She had been working in the “maternity ward” longer than anyone. If asked, she might have said she enjoyed caring for the babies and pregnant mares, but the truth was a bit more sinister.

“What’s wrong with you, huh?” Sammy snapped, her voice echoing through the cramped stall. “Babies are for huggies and love, you stupid bitch! How many times have we told you, all babies are good babies!”

If Mummah was smarter, perhaps she would have called Sammy out on the hypocrisy of her words. After all, she clearly didn’t see Poopy as a good baby.

Instead, Mummah flinched at the worker’s words. She nodded her head, but her fear of the alicorn was something she couldn’t explain: it was a primal, instinctual thing. Every time she looked at Princess, she felt sickie wawas trying to form in her tummy. Babies were supposed to be wingie or pointie, not both.

“You better get your shit together,” the worker continued. “Or there will be consequences. You think we have any use for some bitch mare who rejects an alicorn for…”

The worker’s eyes then drifted over to Poopy, who was still buried in her mother’s blue fluff chirping in fear.

“…a goddamn poopy fluffy?”

“Poopy ish bestest babbeh. Princess ish munstah baby!” Mummah said defiantly.

“You know what I think of your ‘bestest babbeh’?”

The worker stomped her foot, at the same time simulating a crunching noise with her mouth.

Poopy’s bladder and bowels voided themselves into her mother’s already dirty fluff as the stomp echoed around their stall. She had heard the worker’s threat, and she had an inkling of what it meant. More than that though, she didn’t want to be separated from Mummah. She was her bestest mummah, the only one who had ever shown her love and kindness.

Mummah’s heart clenched at the threat. She had seen other foals stomped on by the workers, their tiny bodies broken and lifeless. She didn’t want that to happen to her bestest babbeh, but she also knew that it’d be hard to force herself to love Princess when every fiber of her being screamed in fear and revulsion at the sight of the alicorn.

Mummah turned her attention to the chirping Princess, her heart heavy with dread as Princess resumed her efforts to drag her small body towards her mother’s warmth. Sammy knelt down.

Mummah’s muscles tensed as Sammy placed the infant by her teat. She half expected the munstah baby to rip and tear her nipple off as it suckled hungrily, but Princess had not the teeth for that. Still, Mummah didn’t let her guard down. She felt sore all over by the end of the experience from all the tensing. Stupid munstah babbeh huwting Mummah!

“Now sing, you dumb bitch.”

“M-mummah wub babbehs,
Babbehs wub mummah,
Babbehs dwink miwkies,
Gwow up big an’ stwong!”

From then on, Mummah made sure to feed Princess whenever Poopy was done. When she heard the footsteps of the humans, she would even start up her song again.

At first, her voice would tremble when she sang the words. A hollow laugh from Sammy echoed down the hallway at the sound.

Slowly, but surely, Mummah’s efforts began to bear fruit. Princess, who had been so hurt and confused by her mother’s rejection, began to respond to Mummah’s care. She would nuzzle against Mummah’s side, chirping happily. Mummah’s heart began to soften. She realized that she had been wrong to fear and reject Princess. She was not a monster, but a precious, innocent babbeh who deserved love and care just like Poopy.

And so, Mummah made a new decision. She would not just care for Princess out of necessity, but out of love. She would hold her close and cherish her, just like she did with Poopy.

Sammy was surprised by Mummah’s change of heart. She thought for sure they would have to take the valuable alicorn off her before Princess became maladjusted. Instead, Sammy praised her for her efforts and promised to reward her with extra sketti if she kept it up until Princess was old enough to sell.

But Mummah didn’t care about the rewards. All she cared about now was her babbehs. She held them close, her heart filled with love and hope. She knew her time with them was short. Soon the babies would move to their own cages, and Mummah would be taken back to the room where Princess and Poopy were conceived. Still, she couldn’t help but fantasize about a future where the 3 of them were all adopted together by a mummah or a daddeh.

“You my bestest babbehs, Princess and Poopy,” she whispered, her voice filled with emotion. “Mummah wuvs you so much.”

Princess and Poopy felt the warmth and comfort of a mother’s love. They cuddled side by side in their Mummah’s tangled fluff.

(Next up: Princess and Poopy separated from their mother and adopted.)


Ok….wow A BMS mare who constantly lost her foals, and now finally accepts the two rejects that the world of fluffiest constantly rejected


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Yeah, that was the initial idea. She was so desperate that she’d accept any babies. I figured bad colors was easier to accept than monster but she would accept the alicorn with some prodding.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it :blush:


This is so neat. The idea that between a poopy and a monster the poopy is easier to accept is a cool concept. I haven’t seen that done much. I love the story so far. I’m excited to read more.

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If you’re interested, I have an old post discussing a possible mechanism behind fluffies fearing/rejecting alicorn adults/foals.